Google Now Analyzing Your Child's Voice
This week in Privacy News, Chegg is accused of leaking private data several times, TikTok employees have access to user data after all, a new VPN comes with free malware, and Google is now tracking your child's voice. We will also look at some security news.

Robots Writing Code...What Could Go Wrong?
This week in the Business News, Photoshop to start charging extra for using colors, Amazon pushes pirated content, LinkedIn adds some creepy new verification features, and Google wants robots to start writing code. We also look at silly news.

Defund This Cop - Police Officer Abuses His LE Data Access
This week in the Privacy News, Express VPN passes two independent security audits, a new data hogging kids socials media site is here, and business are using Facial ID before we have laws to protect citizens. Also, Amazon has experienced a S3 colander data leak, and a cop uses data access to sexort female victims. We also look at some security news.

Linux Kernel Developers Need Your Help!
This week in Business News, Google Chrome is ending support for older windows versions, scammers use TikTok to sell the American Dream, and PayPal is doing away with passwords for Apple users. Also, Meta stock crashes and the Linux kernel developers need your help. We also visit SillyVille.

This week we look at a random mishmash of unsorted news articles that are SPICY 'cause we are in the YouTube Gulag!

Android Leaks Data Through VPNs
This week in Privacy News, LastPass joins the Metaverse, Australia moves to ban privacy exemptions from political parties, and Google creates a video chat booth. Also, Android leaks data through VPN settings designed to prevent it. We also look at security news.

Half of Computers Can't Run Windows 11
This week in the Business News, VirtualBox adds new features, Twitter Doesn't Want You to screenshot, and Pine64 has a new SBC. Also, Halolens causes military to get sick and about half of all computers can't run Windows 11. We also visit SillyVille.

TikTok Tracking Non-Users

TikTok Tracking Non-Users
This week in Privacy News, we look at the cost of living life online, governments considering centralizing ID to safeguard it, and the CLOUDAct is now online. Also, we will look at how TikTok is tracking even non-users. We also look at some security news.

EU USB-C Charging Standard
This week in Business News, Google Play Store removes accountability apps, the Linux Kernel can destroy some LCD screens. Also, a grocery sharing app is making the rounds, power beaming is now a thing, and the EU charging mandates may impact world-wide products. We also visit SillyVille.