Alexa, Now With Ad Targeting!
This week in Privacy News, Google takes a step towards personal privacy, Biden wants to track all drone users, and Facebook does not know how to control it's data. Also, a new report finds that Amazon Alexa data is now used to target ads to users. We also look at security and subscription news.

Apple Self-Repair Sucks
This week in Business News, Insteon issues a statement, Apple is removing apps, and Ubisoft kills off games people bought. Also Sony requires free trials for many games and Apple's new Self Repair program is bad and limited. We also look at Silly News.

Judge Says Websites Can Be Scraped
This week in Privacy News, Apple Privacy Labels are not as helpful as people are led to believe, Android call recording apps are going offline, and LinkedIn failed to ward of the data scrappers. We also look at some subscription and security news.

Is DuckDuckGo Censoring More?
This week in the Business News, ISPs can't find a judge to overturn CA Net Neutrality, a smarthome hub vanished overnight, and Tesla stops shipping charging cables. Also, Dell creates a new memory module, and DuckDuckGo might be blocking more sites. We also look at Silly News.

DuckDuckGo Desktop Browser Beta
This week in Privacy News, Fitbit gets FDA approval for a-fib, Meta adjusts Metaverse doxxing policies, and the DuckDuckGo desktop browser lands in beta on Mac. We also look at security news.

The Scalpers of the Metaverse
This week in Business News, the Raspberry Pi finally changes the default username, Tim Cook spreads some FUD on sideloading, and Peloton jacks up the subscription service prices. Also, Razer has a new laptop for AI development and Meta goes on a scalping spree. We also go to SillyVille.

Police Records Show AirTag Stocking is a Problem
This week in Privacy News, Lego and Epic will make a safe and private environment for your kids in the metaverse, Google uses AI to update business profiles, and police reports show that AirTags are often used to stalk women by men they know and hate. We also look at Security News.

Google Kills Digital Purchases on Android | Weekly News Roundup
This week in Business News, Musk joins the Twitter board, Audi is selling car hardware as a service, and Glenn Canyon dam could be in danger. Also, the NTHSA investigates LG batteries and Google cracks down on digital payments in Play Store apps. We also look at Silly News.

Another Reason For Avoiding Social Media
This week in Privacy News, Android may get a tracker detection tool, Amazon wants to give you special recommendations, and Apps are sending data to Russia. Also, the Lapsu$ group shows us why we need to avoid social media and health trackers. We also look at some security news.

TurboTax Under Investigation
This week in the Business News, Etsy sellers are going on strike, Russia game developers encourage pirating, and a new bill hopes to cripple big tech. Also, the FTC sues TurboTax and we will take a visit to SillyVille.