Implant This...You'll Feel Better

Implant This...You'll Feel Better
This week in the Privacy News, Washington has a new health privacy bill, Meta has to restrict access to teen data...and they are fighting the Minority Report. Also, a new company wants to implant devices to help with depression. We also look at security news.

Automattically Spreading Malware
This week in Business News, Chuk-e-Cheese still uses floppy drives, Apple is working on touch screens, and Twitter is considering selling inactive usernames. Also, Automattic creates an ad network for WordPress sites to advertise themselves. We also visit SillyVille.

Sending Your Pee Print To The Internet

Sending Your Pee Print To The Internet
This week in the Privacy News, Encrochat cases have new court challenges, Meta is struck another data blow, and Chinese cameras have programming to detect illegal gatherings. Also, American health data is leaking in unprecedented amounts and a new company has a smart pee scanner to track your urination. We also look at security news.

New York Slaughters to Right to Repair Bill
This week in the Business News, LG is working on a paper-thin speaker while Android works on satellite-based SMS. Also, Apple tries to destroy the voice actors business and New York governor Hochul slaughtered the bill at the behest of Apple and Microsoft. We also visit SillyVille.

TikTok Is Used to Spy on US Reporters
This week in Privacy News, a new POC attack on Android phones collects data using the phone sensors, a new vending machine works on Facial ID only, and TikTok is being used to spy on journalists, others in the US. We also look at security news.

Linux Surpassed Mac for Developers
This week in Business News, did Bitcoin mining save Texas during a cold snap? Also, Handbrake gets AV1 support, Meta and Alphabet are losing advertising market share, and developers are switching to Linux for their coding.

This REAL Facial Recognition Case is Terrifying
This week in the Privacy News, Eufy responds to their critics, Google wants you to feed it your prescriptions, and ID theft of Driver's Licenses is not considered serious. Also, Epic has an Epic fine, Roomba AI photos leak, and a creepy case of Facial recognition software. We also look at Security news.

ChatGPT Malware is a Thing
This week in Business News, Pine releases info on the next Linux tablet, Linux teams up to make a Google Maps Alternative, and Tesla causes a another crash. Also, ChatGPT has been heavily praised, but it is already being used to create more efficient scams. We also visit SillyVille.

Social Media is Under Attack

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, Social Media is under attack for PI tracking, the FBI crime sharing database is hacked, and TikTok study shows self-harm videos shown to kids in less than 30 minutes. We also visit SillyVille.