FOSS Software Overview

Most of the Linux software is free and open source meaning that the code can be examined by everyone in the Linux community. This leads to security in the code, but also for the ability of other users in the community to add features, improve the software, and release new versions. The end result is a lot of no or low cost software that can effectively replace much of the software that usually requires high costs or now days subscription services. Browse the overviews of Linux software to see how switching to Linux can help your productivity.

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Software Overivew

LibreOffice | A Program That Can Replace Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite that can replace expensive or subscription office programs for many users.  

GIMP | Open Source Image Editor

GIMP is an abbreviation for GNU Image Manipulator Program.  

GnuCash | FOSS Alternative to QuickBooks

GNUCash is free software for comprehensive business accounting. It stores all data locally without requiring cloud services.

KeePassXC | Offline Password Manager

We all have too many passwords, and if you are doing passwords right, you will need a password manager. But it should NEVER be online. Today we will talk about KeePassXC, the best offline password manager.