KeePassXC | Offline Password Manager

We all have too many passwords, and if you are doing passwords right, you will need a password manager. But it should NEVER be online. Today we will talk about KeePassXC, the best offline password manager.

KeePassXC is a fork of KeePass, but with added features and functionality. It is designed to be used offline, but of course many have used online components by syncing their database file (KDBX3 or KDBX4) with a cloud service. You can use your database file with common web browsers with available browser extensions, greatly improving security over the built in password management available in browsers.

This software can manage all your passwords and also extra information as well. I use mine for extra passwords for clients, security questions, URLs, and anything else about my clients that I need to keep encrypted for their security. Additionally, the security for the file itself can be secured with a password, a key file, or a Yubikey.

The system allows you to open and manage multiple databases (I keep a separate file for personal and one for client passwords). If you are creating accounts, you can use the built in password generator that has many options for how complicated the password can be. If you are switching from one of the other password managers, you can import your databases from 1Password and some other platforms as well.




  • LastPass
  • 1Password