Linux Distro Overview

Linux Distros are a combination of the core Linux kernel, the desktop environment, and the pre-installed software packages. Some distros are meant to be servers and have no desktop systems to save on system resources, but other distros are for specific industries and have extensive amount of software installed. Many of the common distributions are meant to be replacement operating systems so they come with basic system tools and a few common programs like LibreOffice. Browse the various distro overviews to see which distro you want to try.

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Brief Introduction of Linux Distros

Sparky Linux

Sparky Linux is a light weight, Debian distro with extra tools for simplicity.


Ubuntu is the most known Linux distribution owing to marketing and mainstreaming of Linux.

Linux Lite

Linux Lite is a popular Ubuntu-based distro that focuses on user-friendliness.

Linux Mint | Balanced, Stable, Traditional

Linux Mint is my go-to operating system for anyone just now switching to Linux.