Sparky Linux

Sparky Linux is a light weight, Debian distro with extra tools for simplicity.

Sparky is based on Debian, but it contains extra tools to allow the basic user to get started, but the advanced user to take full control of the system easily. The official builds include a fully functional desktop with common software, a minimal UI build for full customization, a gaming build, a multimedia, and even a Raspberry Pi build. Sparking Linux is available in 32 and 64 bit editions in addition to the ARMHF editions. You can choose between Debian Stable of a semi-rolling based on the Debian testing branch.

This distro is often used as a good portable distribution due to the small download and install size, but it is also attractive to people wanting to run Debian without having to do a lot of extra work to get everything working as you want.

The built in software manager makes it easy to install new software including several desktop environments and window managers.

Distro Website:

Desktop Environments:

  • XFCE
  • Openbox
  • Many Others After Install

User Level: