This week in Linux News, OpenSUSE Required to rebrand and Fedora to drop X11. Also, Linux might drop GRUB and NVIDIA is planning to go fully open source soon.

The Modern Danger of Sharing Logins
This week in the Weekly News Roundup, the younger generations share too many logins, ransomware is starting to use passphrases, and Microsoft ends DEI initiatives. We also visit SillyVille.

Fedora Data Collection?
Today in Linux News we look at the openssh bug, an M2Hat review for the Pi5, and Audacious has a new update. Also, Fedora considers adding data collection to the distro.

Where Has All Our PII Leaked?
This Weekly News Roundup, several important identity documents stolen and leaked online through a major verification company. Also, AI is killing the planet, Facebook Pay or consent model rejected by the EU, and we visit SillyVille.

Artificial Intelligence Invading Linux
This week in Linux News, Calamares gets some bug fixes and Arch gets LVM support in the text-based installer. Also, we have an estimated date to sample the alpha release of the new Cosmic Desktop, and Ubuntu fixes NVIDA with Wayland. Also, a Linux distro crams in AI and I have concerns.

Will Someone Implant Memories into Your Head?
Today in the WeeklyNewsRoundup, we look at security news and dataleaks. Also, we see some scary AI implementation in an attempt to solve prison overpopulation, and the FCC wants to force unlocking of cell phones. We also visit SillyVille.

Finally, Ubuntu Can Install Debs
This week in Linux news, Tails has some new features for security and Ubuntu figures out how to install deb packages. Also, we have a new RISC-V Ubuntu computer...sort of, and tiling improvements for Ubuntu.

Mozilla Dabbles with Ad Networks
Today in the Weekly News Roundup, Mozilla buys an advertising network, fake Olympics ticket websites are popping up, and big hospitals are cramming in AI. Also, Canada clarifies copyright rules and we visit SillyVille.

This week in Linux news, we look at a Linux backdoor and talk about Ubuntu running on the Milk-V Mars RISC-V SBC. We also look at an upcoming computer running Linux on the Snapdragon X Processor.

Bluetooth Tracker Data Hacked
Today we look at bluetooth tracker data being stolen, a warning about progressive web apps and more data leaks. We also look at a new possible method of serving ads. We also visit SillyVille.