The End of Data Harvesters?
This week in the WeeklyNewsRoundup, California passes a law to collect the data collectors, Google Authentication causes a breach? Also, UK watchdog tells us what we know about AI and a company wants to solve the labor problems. We also visit SillyVille.

Did Someone Peer Into Your Home?
This week in the Weekly News Roundup, Wyze cameras peer into other people's homes, Github Repojacking is still possible, and AI is being used to train driving cars. Also, Windows pushes universal printing standards, and we visit SillyVille.

Government Lacks Trust in EVs
Today in Banned News, Apple invites Mother Earth to the board meeting, Threads bans searching for certain topics, and the energy secretary lacks confidence in EVs...but tries to hide it.

Chrome Feeds Your Ad Profile
Today in the Weekly News Roundup, Google Chrome is now collecting data about your browsing, details on the Microsoft Azure breech, and Windows will soon ship without wordpad. We also look at robot and silly news.

Bill Gates Goes Crazy
Today we look at EV buyers remorse and the insanity around climate psycho Bill Gates. Also, as usual, crime is not being handled in many cities.

This Caused My Kids to Hate Me!
This week in the WeeklyNewsRounup, we look at a story about how social media was a wedge between parent and child, another cloud service company was attacked, and Tesla is under more scrutiny. We also visit SillyVille.

AI Powered Woke Detector
This week in the Banned News, news crew robbed while reporting on robberies, man acquitted of COVID joke, and UK wants people to turn off the heat at night. Also, Germany returns to coal and Call of Duty hires a woke company to monitor your voice chats.

Location-based Scanless Payments
Today in the Weekly News Roundup, Starbucks tests scanless payments and Tiny10 promises Windows for old computers. Is it safe? We look at several privacy, business, and tech news.

You WILL Own Nothing
This week in Banned News, Germany gets closer to the Forth Reich, and climate change is pushing the most moronic policies of all while companies are sued for NOT hiring illegals.