The Digital Cold War
This week in the Privacy News, children in social services had PID info stolen for tax fraud scams, Clearview AI opens up data to another population sector, and monitoring apps collect more information than you think. Also, technology is being used to wage a digital cold ware. We also look at some security news.

Pay For LibreOffice?
This week in the Business News, a popular browser extension is bought by Avast, CA power wall bursts into flames, and Google founding group to open source audio codecs. Also, Mac users may be charged for LibreOffice. We also visit SillyVille.

TikTok No Longer a Threat in Deal with US Govt
This week in Privacy News, period trackers enable Anonymous Mode, Sims tied to ID are problematic, and Facebook is not sure where all your data is stored. Also, the government strikes a deal with TikTok so they will no longer be a considered a national security threat. We also look at some security news.

SeeSaw Educational Adult Material
This week in Business News, a robot is taught to conversationally laugh, credit cards will start databasing gun related purchases, and Wegmans finds that scan and go leads to product loss. Also, Educational software SeeSaw is breached and spaming adult images to account users including kids. We also visit SillyVille.

The Police Are Watching Us All
This week in the Privacy News, another case of AirTag Stalking, Instagram receives a fine for violating children, and Sidney schools are tracking students with fingerprints. We also look at Project Fog Reveal where the police are buying surveillance data instead of seeking warrants. We also look at security news.

Prosthetic Memories
This week in Business News, Disney goes off the rails with their new show, the Army is buying thousands of Micrsoft Holo Lenses, and Google Maps can now route plan around electric charging stations. Finally, scientists are stimulating memories to bring them back...or to create them? We also head to SillyVille.

Will California Stop Anonymous Web Browsing?
This week in Privacy News, a Chinese facial recognition database leaks, anti-cheat software owners are highly aggressive, and a smart watch can now record your blood pressure. Also, the FTC sues a data broker and California's new bill may try to eliminate anonymous web browsing. We also look at security news.

We Are In Control Of Your Thermostat
This week in Business News, eBikes are causing fires in NYC, California asks people not to charge their electric cars. Also, Google blocks ad-blocking VPNs, and Denver power companies were locked out of their thermostats to save power. We also visit SillyVille.

Disturbing Case of Google Snitching
This week in the Privacy News, TikTok starts testing nearby services, iOS breaks VPNs, and Oracle is accused of selling personal data. Also, an OH court rules against online tutoring services, and Google demonstrates they are watching our phones closely. We also look at some security news.

Can We Trust DuckDuckGo Email?
This week in Business News, notifications destroy our peace, MoviePass is raise from the dead, and a company wants to grow new organs. Also, online ads are problematic for user experience, and DuckDuckGo is now offering privacy email. We also visit SillyVille.