MS Edge is a Data Hog
This week in Privacy News, employee monitoring is gaining attention from the workforce and Amazon settles several FTC lawsuits. Also, Microsoft Edge is collecting more data about uses than most people realized. We also look at security news.

This week in Business News, Neuralink receives FDA Approval and Tesla is cleared to have a gaming system in the cars. Also, AI experts suggest that AI is now a global priority, HP printers pushing too far, and the SEC lawsuits kill LBRY. We also visit SillyVille.

This is a Sign of Derangement
This week in Banned News, Amazon workers strike over working at the office, Snapchat AI is being bullied, and lefties demonstrate their total derangement with their new video game.

Death of Our Digital Self
Today in Privacy News, Facebook fined for data transfers, ChatGPT iPhone app privacy issue, and Python gives private data to the government. Also, we talk about the expiry of our digital lives, and look at some security news.

Viable Right to Repair?
This week in Business News, Samsung stays with Google, HP bricks more printers, and Windows to get RAR support. Also, brain implant company goes bust, and MN gets a viable right to repair bill. We also visit SillyVille.

Windows Rainbow Mode
This week in Banned News, British sausage maker ditches plan for vegan sausage because people don't eat them, RNC presidential candidate booted off LinkedIn for hate speech, and Twitter melts down after DeSantis announcement. Also, Windows now has an LGBT theme for your computer.

Five Eyes Internet Surveillance Program
Today in the Privacy News, Whatapps provides special section for hidden messages, Microsoft searches your secret folders for malware, NHS health data breached for stalking. Also, UK starts an Internet Surveillance program. We also look at Security news.

EV Battery Subscription
This week in Business News, the OS market share, Google to start disabling old accounts, and Australia limiting targeted ads. Also, Steam dumps Google Analytics and a company has a plan to have an EV subscription plan. We also visit SillyVille.

WHO Let the Groomers Out
This week in Banned News, the Global Climate Change Peddlers, More eating ze bugz, and the WHO has new standards saying that sex education starts at birth.

US Airforce To Work with Location Tracking Co
This week in Privacy News, EU to vote on banning Facial Recognition, TikTok tracks individuals and keeps lists, and CSAM scanning may be illegal in the EU. Also, Safegraph is seeking a relationship with the Airforce. We also visit SillyVille.

Microsoft REALLY Wants You to Run Edge
This week in Business News, Tesla teases free FSD, YouTube is fighting against ad blockers...while cramming it into cars. Also, Microsoft is going fully aggressive to push Edge everywhere. We also visit SillyVille.

ChatGPT Re-writing the Bible
This week in Banned News, Feinstein resembles Palatine, Bing news is more biased than any other aggregators, and Canadian city does not want to hear from residents. Also, Bacon will vanish from California and Peta used ChatGPT to re-write Genesis.

Brainwave ID Verification
This week in Privacy News, Proton releases a new steal VPN protocol, Apple and Google work on a tracker standard, and Washington passes a broad health privacy act. Also, a new book explores brainwave verification and life in a neurotechnological world. We also look at AI news.

Brain Chip Implants
This week in Business News, Discord is turning into a full on social media site, Brave gains big tech independence, and Mercedes charges monthly for more power. Also, FTC is going after Facebook for collected data on kids and Blackrock is seeking to use brain implants. We also visit SillyVille.

Arming the IRS
Today in Banned News, VPNs soar in Utah for the reasons I predicted, California seeks to ban diesel trucks, New York banned gas stoves, and the IRS is getting armed. What could go wrong!