US Airforce To Work with Location Tracking Co
This week in Privacy News, EU to vote on banning Facial Recognition, TikTok tracks individuals and keeps lists, and CSAM scanning may be illegal in the EU. Also, Safegraph is seeking a relationship with the Airforce. We also visit SillyVille.

Microsoft REALLY Wants You to Run Edge
This week in Business News, Tesla teases free FSD, YouTube is fighting against ad blockers...while cramming it into cars. Also, Microsoft is going fully aggressive to push Edge everywhere. We also visit SillyVille.

ChatGPT Re-writing the Bible
This week in Banned News, Feinstein resembles Palatine, Bing news is more biased than any other aggregators, and Canadian city does not want to hear from residents. Also, Bacon will vanish from California and Peta used ChatGPT to re-write Genesis.

Brainwave ID Verification
This week in Privacy News, Proton releases a new steal VPN protocol, Apple and Google work on a tracker standard, and Washington passes a broad health privacy act. Also, a new book explores brainwave verification and life in a neurotechnological world. We also look at AI news.

Brain Chip Implants
This week in Business News, Discord is turning into a full on social media site, Brave gains big tech independence, and Mercedes charges monthly for more power. Also, FTC is going after Facebook for collected data on kids and Blackrock is seeking to use brain implants. We also visit SillyVille.

Arming the IRS
Today in Banned News, VPNs soar in Utah for the reasons I predicted, California seeks to ban diesel trucks, New York banned gas stoves, and the IRS is getting armed. What could go wrong!

Arrested by Facial Recognition
This week in the Privacy News, Amazon shuts down Halo Health, Meta to pay out money for the Cambridge Analytica scam, but AI might be the next one. Also, Edge is collecting all your browser visits and a man was arrested when falsely flagged by AI. We also look at AI News.

Chomebooks Are Designed for Planned Obsolescence
This week in Business News, Tesla wins a crash lawsuit, Shopify adds direct bill pay for merchants, and Microsoft is torn between agendas. Also, Red Hat begins layoffs and Chromebooks are built to be thrown away. We also visit SillyVille.

The First Step of the Matrix
This week in the Banned News, the Oklahoma Education Law gets the Florida treatment, NYC will get a climate school at sea level, and Snapchat has a new woke AI. Also, the first steps to the Matrix have arrived.

Students Targeted by Govt Data Collection
This week in the Privacy News, Aussey renters forced into data collection, three letters condemn Facebook for floating encryption, and students are being caught up in various data collection schemes by governments. We also look at security news.

Swatting as a Service
This week in the Business News, Samsung considers a switch to Bing, Whatsapp and Signal joining forces, and Netflix is about to end account sharing, and Snap looks to add augmented reality into shopping centers. Also, Swatting as a Service is on the rise. We also visit SillyVille.

NYC Declares War
This week in Banned News, California man gets jail for threat, chem trails his the main stream, and NYC declares war on meat and dairy.

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Police State Has Arrived

Police State Has Arrived
This week in Privacy News, Carnegie Mellon fills buildings with sensors, new crime relies on victims using facial lock on phones, and the police are buying facial recognition and location databases. We also look at AI news.

Windows 11 For the Steam Deck?
This week in Business News, NYC rolls out police robots to not apprehend criminals, Google Maps will have a National Park mode, a new drone is being tested for deliveries, and Raspberry Pis will get AI chips. Also, Windows 11 will be a version for steam deck. We also visit SillyVille.

Is Your Garden Killing The Planet?
This week in Banned News, Biden brings on an army of influencers for his bidding, Germany to close down last nuclear power plant, and most of America will not consider an electric car. Also, your garden might be killing the planet.

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