Finding Your Lifetime Consumer Value
This week in the Privacy News, Google will delete some location data, but not all. The Gun Owners database "leaked" in California, and the FBI would like your child's data. Also, Chinese citizen database is acquired by hackers and Oculus removes Facebook requirement. Finally, a company emerges to determine each customers lifetime value. We also look at some security news and scams.

Cellphone Lockscreen Ads
This week in Business News, FCC is calling to ban TikTok (again), Many Americans are not considering an EV, and an augmented reality contact lens is in the works. Also, a Hackerone employee was stealing bug reports and carriers want to put ads on your phone's lock screen. We also look at silly news.

China's US Surveillance
Today in Privacy News, a new Supercookie that isn't, why women are deleting their period tracking apps, and two companies are leading the way on Chinese surveillance of US citizens. We also also look at some security news including some targeting YouTubers.

More Spam Blocking Rules
This week in the Business News, Waymo and others want self driving trucks in California. Also, the new Intel Nuc may play AAA games and Mozilla patches several bugs including a Linux vulnerability. We also go to SillyVille.

All Your Child's Data Belongs To Us
This week in the Privacy News, TikTok promises not to share user data with China, Police may get contactless fingerprinting, and fitbit tracks all your sleep. Also Instagram wants age verification selfies and day care apps are a pandora's box of spyware. We also look at several security news items.

Brave Search - Choose Your Bias
This week in Business News, Locusts can spot our cancer, Google maps adds new features, and Amazon is concerned they will run out of workers. Also, MS is paying kids to switch to Bing and Brave allows us to choose the bias in our search results. We also go to SillyVille.

Android Spyware Images Exposed Online
This week in the Privacy News, Meta enables strangers to chat with you be default, KMart uses Facial ID technology to tracker customers around the store down under. Also, WiFi probing can expose and ID you based on trusted networks and geo location data, and an android stalkerware exposes images online, including children. We also look at some internet scams.

Hiding the Sentient ChatBot
This week in Business News, Sonos send speakers to people who didn't order them, IE dies this week, and Chinese Citizens all suddenly catch the coof for protesting. Also, Amazon to use drone delivery this year and Google tries to hide that a chat bot when sentient. We also go to SillyVille.

Apple to Track Your Meds
Today in Privacy News, Meta ends work on a new smart watch, UK police were spying on teens and lying about it, and a privacy violating marketplace was taken down. Also, Apple has new features to track your meds. We also look at security news.

Armed Drones in Schools?
Today in Business News, Apple wants to kill the password, prevent devices from working automatically, and they created a new subsidiary for their buy now and pay later feature. Microsoft is looking to kill the SSD and they will work to patch computers automatically. Also, Axon (Tazer) has a plan to put armed drones in schools. We also look at silly news.