Tesla Employees Share Your Photos

Tesla Employees Share Your Photos
This week in Privacy News, Italy bans ChatGPT, MET police want to use live facial recognition cameras, and our data is being fed into medical research without our consent. Finally, Tesla employees accessed customer data, and shared the photos around the office.

Canada Beating USA to Right to Repair?
This week in Business News, Amazon closes a book store it bought a few years ago, then they push ads in Audible, and Paris votes to ban ebike rentals. Also, Canada makes some strides toward right to repair.

Chatbot Wants Our Souls
This week in Banned News, the military has become overweight, synthetic embryos implanted into monkeys, and rioters in France mean business. Also, AI convinced a man to off himself.

FBI Bought Your ISP Data

FBI Bought Your ISP Data
This week in Privacy News, New Zealand has a new digital ID program, Google and ADT release their first product, and a hospital in Orlando is being sued for HIPPA violations for using the Facebook tracking pixel. Also, the FBI bought ISP data, possibly including VPN tunneled websites. We also look at AI Overlords.

Valve Forcing Windows Updates
This week in Business News, Docker reverses course, Bytedance plans it's next assault on American youth, and the CCP wants to put a facility in Michigan. Apple wants to be a lender, and Valve ends support for Windows 7. We also visit SillyVille.

Ukraine Nonsense Just Got Weirder
This week in Banned News, Italy stands against lab grown meat, an EV kills itself when towed, and Ukraine shows that this is all a public show, but China is hindering the war effort.

Is Your Child's Data Stolen?
This week in Privacy News, Amazon faces class action over bio-metrics in Go Stores, fertility apps found to collect more data than we thought, and the CDC bought cell phone data to track our obedience. Also, iD-Tech breached millions of kids data, but refuses to acknowledge the breach. We also look at security news.

Open Source ChatGPT
This week in the Business News, we look at Amazon shutting down the most popular camera review site, but they are going to be filling the sky with more satellites. Also, a new 3D printer repairs your organs and a new open source ChaptGPT alternative is being developed. We also visit SillyVille.

Ze Mormons Will Eat Ze Bugs
This week in Banned News, a new urgent climate change directive is released, Dr. Greta is now a thing, TikTok pushes actual suicide on teens, and Russian coder can't code...cause Ukraine. Finally, Utah assigns kids to eat bugs...yum.

Venmo's Big Privacy Problem
This week in Privacy News, a new gadget can sniff out all the bluetooth trackers near you. Also, Amazon Ring cameras data may be stolen by hackers, but did they get your car data, too? Also, Venmo leaks more data than you thought. We also look at AI news.

HP Goes Full Anti-consumer
This week in Business News, Mint Mobile sells to T-Mobile, FCC wants satellite phones, and Microsoft rolls out full page ads for edge. Also, Apple convinces India to loosen labor laws, and HP OTA updates printers. We also visit SillyVille.

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The Privacy Implications in a Welfare State

The Privacy Implications in a Welfare State
This week in Privacy News, Whatsapp also says it will not bow to the UK privacy law, YouTube accused of collecting data on children, and the FBI finally admits to buying location data. Also, Denmark gives us a warning about the privacy implications about living in a welfare state. We also look at the coming AI overlords.

The Deathblow to Work at Home?
This week in Business News, Amazon Alexa takes a blow as do their retail stores. Also, Windows 12 code is being tested, TikTok blocks app store links, and businesses have a good excuse to end remote work. We also visit SillyVille.

Deepfake Psy-Ops
This week in Banned News, protesters want reduced sentences for carjackers, and someone wanted to test the plan. Also, MIT is trying to recruit CEOs to climate change fear mongering, a new Biden nominee for FAA know nothing about the FAA, and US special forces testing deep fakes for psy-ops.