Surveil the Children
This week in Privacy News, another state rolls out digital ID while NSW ID is compromised, Twitter to pay for their misuse of data, and Clearview ordered to delete more data. Also, Zuckerberg sought to exploit data in Cambridge Analytica and the FTC cracks down on data harvesting in classroom applications. We also look at several robot stories.

Proton Software Suite
This week in Business News, Social Media can still ban politicians based on ideology, Windows 11 allows you to reinstall your apps on a new computer, and Proton Mail creates a software suite. Also Zotac releases a microPC and Broadcom to aquire VMWare. We also look at Silly News.

Amazon Wants Your Shopping List
This week in Privacy, Session Replay is in full force, and still no one knows about it. Also Deepfakes can get around ID checks, Samsung and Google colab for sharing health data, and Amazon wants your offline shopping list. We also look at security news.

Did Airpods Make a Kid Deaf?
This week in Business News, Google backtracks on killing old gsuite accounts, Verizon grabs at more cash from locked-in users, and Meta bans abortion talk. Also, Apple allows subscriptions to increase without your consent and their AirPods may have made a kid deaf. We also visit SillyVille.

Google Pretends to be Private
This week in the Privacy News, Clearview AI cannot sell to private companies, Facebook discontinues some data harvesting, ICE buys a lot of surveillance data, and the EU wants to end encryption to find CSAM. Also, Google pretends to care about privacy with new controls, but is it really private? We also look at some security news.

Apple Return to Work Loses Key Exec
This week in Business News, ATT gets away with charging an illegal fee, Texas law balances social media, and copyright law is under revision. Also, Google gets a new Virtual credit card feature and Apple loses a key director over the return to work policy. We also visit SillyVille.

Don't Try This New VPN
Today in Privacy News, Nest is now integrating health data from Fitbit and Google, several mental health apps are privacy nightmares, and the big three are combining efforts to kill the password. Also we see drones tracking people and a new VPN is integrated into Edge to give MS all your data. We also look at security news.

Kindle To Support Open Formats?
Today in the Business News, TurboTax reaches a settlement, Fitbit Burns More, and the UK wants more security on apps. Also Netflix gets sued by shareholders, Starlink goes portable, and Kindle may allow open eBook formats. We also visit SillyVille.

Alexa, Now With Ad Targeting!
This week in Privacy News, Google takes a step towards personal privacy, Biden wants to track all drone users, and Facebook does not know how to control it's data. Also, a new report finds that Amazon Alexa data is now used to target ads to users. We also look at security and subscription news.

Apple Self-Repair Sucks
This week in Business News, Insteon issues a statement, Apple is removing apps, and Ubisoft kills off games people bought. Also Sony requires free trials for many games and Apple's new Self Repair program is bad and limited. We also look at Silly News.