Vimeo Just Did WHAT?
This week in Business News, VPN companies are starting to block torrents, Google takes a play from Doordash game-plans, and the ban on forced cable equipment rentals is not working as the government hoped. Ford is working to not shut down factories in the chip shortage, Lyft offers a gas surcharge for drivers, and Vimeo decides to commit suicide.

Pixel and Samsung Are Dirty Piped
This week in the news, Trojan malware is being promoted to gamers, iOS has two new ways for cryptominers to compromise their phones, and a smart UPC reminds us again to keep our technology offline. Finally, the new Dirty Pipe Linux vulnerability has already been used to exploit two popular Android phones. We also look at Silly News.

Introducing BidenCoin!
This week in Privacy News, we see more instructions on how to collect more data on customers, Brave is working to block Bounce Tracking, HBO shares data with Facebook, and Biden signs and executive order to create a crypto currency. We also look at security and Tech, Russia, & Ukraine news.

Nvidia to Enter the Software Business?
This week in Business News, we look at an update to the Rivian electric car company, Amazon is tied to Chinese slave labor, and Facebook allows auto-rejection of posts linking misinformation. Also, Nvidia wants to enter the software as a service company in the most unusual place. We also look at SillyVille.

WWIII Will Be Fought With Big Tech Cancel Culture
This week in Privacy News, Utah is getting close to a privacy bill, Google shares bandwidth, and the whole world of technology is being asked to cancel Russia. We also look at some security news.

How NOT to Sell Your Electric Car
This week in Business News, Google recalls some fitbit models, the Steamdeck already has some problems, and Amazon creates the first cashierless Whole Foods. Also, Twitch has a new misinformation policy and Rivian jacks up prices for pre-orders by about $20,000. We also go to SillyVille for some whacky tackes on modern tech trends.

Microsoft Account Required for All Windows Users?
This week in Privacy News, the Texas Attorney General sues Meta over biometric data collection, Clearview says YOLO and wants to collect all facial images. Also, police arrest a woman using DNA collected from her rape kit and Microsoft developer code suggests even Windows 11 Pro may soon require a Microsoft Account.

Will the Internet Survive BV100?
This week in the Business News, Google wants to install ChromeOS on old hardware, Newegg has a scandal on its hands, and Apple messes with people's employment records. Also, Disney plans a company town, Steamdeck makes parts available, and websites may break when browsers roll to version 100. We also look at silly news.

Is Your School Using This App?
This week in the Privacy News, IRS promises to delete the data collected, Ring will add connectivity to other cameras, and Windows data wiping tool does not wipe your private data off your hard drive. Aldo, a mom pays her son to not get on social media and parents in Alabama are concerned about an app that collects their children's data. Is the App in your kid's school? We also look at security news.

Etsy Takes More Money from Sellers
This week in Business News, Honda cars are being investigated for phantom braking, the FCC slaps a robocaller on the wrist, Audi to add 5G int their cars, and Windows 11 will give you a watermark on some PCs. Also a label marker makes DRM paper, and Etsy to raise prices on sellers. We also look at SillyVille News.