Disturbing Case of Google Snitching
This week in the Privacy News, TikTok starts testing nearby services, iOS breaks VPNs, and Oracle is accused of selling personal data. Also, an OH court rules against online tutoring services, and Google demonstrates they are watching our phones closely. We also look at some security news.

Can We Trust DuckDuckGo Email?
This week in Business News, notifications destroy our peace, MoviePass is raise from the dead, and a company wants to grow new organs. Also, online ads are problematic for user experience, and DuckDuckGo is now offering privacy email. We also visit SillyVille.

Amazon Knows Your Floor Plan
This week in Privacy News, Google AU pays out for location data collection, phone apps collect more data than many think, and the FTC is set to make some rules on corporate data collection. Also, Amazon buys Roomba and that comes with their maps of your house. We also look at security news.

The Electric Car Subsidy that Wasn't
This week in the Business News, Apple is soaking to increase revenue by pushing ads...we all called that! Also, Airbnb is set to use anti-party technology, otter further limits the free users plan, and the car manufacturers increase the cost of their cars to perfectly match the new government spending bill; but that is a coincidence! We also head to SillyVille.

DuckDuckGo Now Blocks Microsoft
This week in Privacy News, Big Tech receives calls to scan for CSAM, Twitter employee found guilty of spying, and Amazon begins rollout of palm-based payments. Also, Meta tracks every user interaction with websites and DuckDuckGo now blocks Microsoft. We also look at security news.

Tesla's Epic FSD Fail
This week in the Business News, Meta portals find a new purpose, Microsoft blocks Tutanota emails on Teams, and Windows 11 update kills your disk. Also, a startup wants to clone you to harvest organs and Tesla's FSD experiences an epic failure. We also visit SillyVille.

New American Privacy Act?
This week in the Privacy News, biometric tracking in retail stores in investigated in Australia and UK, Google returns the privacy permissions to the website, and experts finally care about privacy awareness. Also, a new bill proposes to fix privacy in America. We also look at security news.

Microsoft Starts the Next Windows 11 Push
This week in Business News, a robot snaps a boy's finger, Instagram gets backlash for trying to be TikTok, and slack and Office365 reminds us of the frailty of the Internet. Also, Microsoft goes to lengths to try pushing windows 11 again. We also visit SillyVille.

Brave's New Data Collection!
This week in the Privacy News, Amazon has given ring recordings to the police this year, FTC is poised for misuse of health data, and DHS buys phone location data. Also, UK pushes client-side CSAM scanning, Car GPS systems hacked and Brave says they can now collect your data privately. We also look at some security news.

Linux for the Apple M2
This week in the Business News, Microsoft returns to regular windows releases, Amazon sues for discovery on fake review rings, and they make it easier to order through Alexa. Also, Amazon buys a medical company and Asahi gets Linux running on the M2 chip. We also go to SillyVille.