Does YOUR Phone Have a Gag Warrant?
Today in the Weekly News Roundup, we look at phone cloud backups as the way the government can get a gag warrant without your knowledge. Also, new scam targets your kids private data with Roblox coins, AI chatbots are going crazy, and Linus Tech Tips is Collapsing. We also visit SillyVille.

You have Nothing to Hide
This week in the Banned News, even kids can get free chocolate, entitled social media dancer cries racism, and an Australian AI tries to kill people. Also, WEF says life will soon be transparent.

This week in the WeeklyNewsRoundup, another Detroit false arrest by facial recognition, hackers shut down several hospitals, and ChatGPT fails a coding test. Also, a new Linux distro for the M-chip Apple computers, and we visit SillyVille.

Private Android Ads?
This week in the Weekly News Roundup, Android rolls out new private ads, the government wants four day disclosure on breaches, and the UK wants to loosen AI regulation. Also, we have a throwaway culture and then we visit sillyville.

AI is Racist, Too
This week in Banned News, an illegal Chinese biolab is operating in California, Biden bans incandescent light bulbs, and an electric car shipment explodes in the ocean. Also, AI appears to be racist.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, the founder of OpenAI wants to scan every eye in the world, AI is being used to create subscription Fraudware, and several companies have teamed up to take on Google Maps. We also visit SillyVille.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, we look at accountants giving your data to big tech companies, Malware is being embedded in PWAs, and authors take up the fight against AI. Also, Tutanota is working on post-quantum encryption, and more.