Enforceable GPL

GPL isĀ Enforceable
This week in Linux news, Ubuntu releases PiP for all apps, the Libre 6.8 kernel is released, and KeePassXC allows imports from more cloud-based password managers. Also, LXQt will be Wayland ready in the next release, and a French court enforces the GPL terms.

Everyone Sells Your Data!
This week in the Weekly News Roundup, all out data is for sale and it needs to stop, Roku breach just in time for their forced arbitration, and Oregon passes Right to Repair. We also visit SillyVille.

Waving Goodbye to Xorg
This week in Linux News, a Google Photos alternative goes fully open source, AMDGPUs power control limits in new kernel, and Linux Mint will replace HexChat with a new IRC support app. Also, Fedora is ready to drop Xorg entirely in an upcoming release.

Should Your IP Be Protected?
Today in the Weekly News Roundup, we look at how Canada is handling IP addresses, Meta is profiting from scams, and AI is overtaking interviews. Also, counties considering FOSS voting and we take a trip to SillyVille.

Chicken Little Announces Y2K38 | Debian Tackling Next Date Disaster!
This week in Linux News, Ubuntu will drop games in 24.04, AirPods get a Gnome battery monitor, and Tails 6.0 is officially released. Also, Plasma 6 moves to Wayland first, and Debian starts tackling the next date disaster.

Another Reason to Use Adblock
This week in the Weekly News Roundup, the US government uses advertising to track targets, more android banking Trojans discovered, and AI snitches on itself. Also, HP has a new CrAzY printer rental, and we visit SillyVille.

Steam Open-sourcing All Audio
Today in Linux News, Elementary OS 8 is gearing for release, and we have some information. Also, LXQT 2.0 will be Wayland first, Hexchat enters final release, and OnlyOffice 8 comes with a few improvements. Also, Steam is open sourcing all audio, but is their approach the correct one?

Signal Usernames and Privacy Fixes
This week in the Weekly News Roundup, Signal increases privacy with usernames, Voice commands can fry a charging phone, and ChatGPT goes crazy. Also, Neuralink has an apparently successful implant, and we visit SIllyVille.

Snap Command Not Found Attack
This week in Linux News, the next Debian is released with several bugfixes, but a huge warning, Lineage OS 21 is released, and nginx got all forked up. Also, Ubuntu's command not found package may suggest malicious snap packages.

Encyption is Secure in the EU
This week in the WeeklyNewsRoundup, encryption is safe in the EU, Express VPN has a leak, and Windows 11 updates to unbootability. We also visit SillyVille.