Linux Lite

Linux Lite is a popular Ubuntu-based distro that focuses on user-friendliness.

This distribution is built on Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop. It stands different from Ubuntu in that it has a lot more user tools to make it more user friendly. On first run, the welcome screen is full of useful information about the distro and tools for updates, drivers, and more.

The underlying package management is apt, so the distro has synaptic for GUI management of all packages, but they also have a Lite Software Manager that has a simple list of the most popular packages for easy installation and removal.

Within the XFCE settings, the Linux Lite team has created several other system tools that make managing behind the scenes situations easier. They have included options for auto login, sounds, software sources, and tweaks. These are tools that would usually be harder to find for the novice user.

The system resources are low making this an ideal distro for lower-spec computers. It will be smooth on some of the slower available computers, making this a good distro to revive a computer that you might otherwise be throwing away soon.

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  • XFCE

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