GnuCash | Alternative to QuickBooks

GNUCash is free software for comprehensive business accounting. It stores all data locally without requiring cloud services.

Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and most other accounting software has been going to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in recent years. This means that instead of paying for it once, these companies got us hooked to the product and now force monthly or annual payments. What is worse, they are driving everything to the cloud, meaning that your company data is hanging out on servers always connected to the Internet. It means that employees of that company could see your data. But there is a solution. GNUCash is a free and open source, local application that is robust enough to manage your SMB.

One of the biggest reservations I have heard about using GNUCash is that, "My account requires my to use QuickBooks". If you value your privacy and wallet, you might ask why. Really, any decent accountant only needs a Profit and Loss statement and a few other reports. GNUCash can export every report you might need. There are many accountants in this world, and if your accountant wants you to keep handing over money to a SaaS company to keep your company files on the Internet for his convenience, maybe you should start looking for new accountant. I personally have an accountant that just needs reports that GNUCash can generate.

The software itself does everything you would expect business accounting software to do. It can manage accounts, reconcile with your accounts online, manage customers, vendors, and generate reports. I have used this software for my publishing company LLC perfectly for several years, and in 2022, I have moved my primary business to the software as well.



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