Is Your School Using This App?
This week in the Privacy News, IRS promises to delete the data collected, Ring will add connectivity to other cameras, and Windows data wiping tool does not wipe your private data off your hard drive. Aldo, a mom pays her son to not get on social media and parents in Alabama are concerned about an app that collects their children's data. Is the App in your kid's school? We also look at security news.

Etsy Takes More Money from Sellers
This week in Business News, Honda cars are being investigated for phantom braking, the FCC slaps a robocaller on the wrist, Audi to add 5G int their cars, and Windows 11 will give you a watermark on some PCs. Also a label marker makes DRM paper, and Etsy to raise prices on sellers. We also look at SillyVille News.

Health Data Ad Tracking
Today in Privacy News, the IRS ends the partnership, iOS stops sending your voice to Apple, and Facebook threatens to close down in the EU. Also, Amazon launches its online health services companies while other health sites harvest user data across the Internet with Facebook ads. We also look at security news.

The Sun Rejects Starlink
Today in the Business News, Peloton fires a bunch of people and gives them memberships, Apple is working on RealityOS, and Battlefield players want their money back. Also, iPhones will be able to transfer NFC payments without hardware, and the Sun destroys several Starlink satelites. We also go to SillyVille.

China Olympics Requires Your Phone
This week in the Privacy News, silent AirTags are on eBay and Etsy, Peloton has another fitness tracker, and Google resets privacy settings for some users. Also, in order to attend the Chinese Olympics, each person must bring their cell phone and use the government's app. We also look at a couple security news items.

Windows Update Takes How Long?
This week in Business News, Facebook loses users for the first time, Tesla recalls cars for the "Aggressive Mode", and Blackberry sells its patents to a company without products. Also, Windows applications should be removed from the panel to save on memory and it takes HOURS for windows update to run. We also look at silly news for the week. Lies About ID Tech
This week in Privacy News, Apple pulls back on student verification and does a bad job of dealing with AirTag Problem. Meta creates a new AI super computer, and Google drops FLoC for something more problematic and who is now working with the IRS, have been caught lying about how it works. We also look at some security news.

Google Flagging Document Contents
This week in Business News, landlord ISP exclusive contracts may be in danger, SpaceX Rocket to collide with the moon, and Xbox is forced to change their renewal plans. Google now allows accounts to migrate to free accounts and the algorithms flag nearly empty Google drive files as copyrighted. We also go to SillyVille.

IRS Wants YOU to Submit Biodata
This week in Privacy News, Safari leaks data on recent updates, and Apple requires you to verify your student status. Also, the Democrats present a bill that blocks targeted advertising while Meta teachs your kids how to use Messenger. Finally, the IRS will require you to create an account at the low-trust to access your online account. We also talk some security news.

Tesla Self-Driving Felony Charges
This week in Business News, Microsoft is testing YouTube feeds in edge, self-driving train cars are around the corner, and the first felony charges for Tesla AutoPiolot driver are filed. Also, the fight over 5G continues, Google to pull free edition users, and Elon makes waves on both Starlink and Neuralink. We also have a few SillyVille Articles.