The Privacy Implications in a Welfare State
This week in Privacy News, Whatsapp also says it will not bow to the UK privacy law, YouTube accused of collecting data on children, and the FBI finally admits to buying location data. Also, Denmark gives us a warning about the privacy implications about living in a welfare state. We also look at the coming AI overlords.

The Deathblow to Work at Home?
This week in Business News, Amazon Alexa takes a blow as do their retail stores. Also, Windows 12 code is being tested, TikTok blocks app store links, and businesses have a good excuse to end remote work. We also visit SillyVille.

Deepfake Psy-Ops
This week in Banned News, protesters want reduced sentences for carjackers, and someone wanted to test the plan. Also, MIT is trying to recruit CEOs to climate change fear mongering, a new Biden nominee for FAA know nothing about the FAA, and US special forces testing deep fakes for psy-ops.

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AI Overlords