Is Your Child's Data Stolen?
This week in Privacy News, Amazon faces class action over bio-metrics in Go Stores, fertility apps found to collect more data than we thought, and the CDC bought cell phone data to track our obedience. Also, iD-Tech breached millions of kids data, but refuses to acknowledge the breach. We also look at security news.

Open Source ChatGPT
This week in the Business News, we look at Amazon shutting down the most popular camera review site, but they are going to be filling the sky with more satellites. Also, a new 3D printer repairs your organs and a new open source ChaptGPT alternative is being developed. We also visit SillyVille.

Ze Mormons Will Eat Ze Bugs
This week in Banned News, a new urgent climate change directive is released, Dr. Greta is now a thing, TikTok pushes actual suicide on teens, and Russian coder can't code...cause Ukraine. Finally, Utah assigns kids to eat bugs...yum.

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