Windows Gets Even More Annoying

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Google Knows Your Voice
This week in Privacy News, #Google maps now has health data, two companies ban facial recognition, and #dropbox gets into the password management business while #Firefox dumps them in plain text. Also, Google can identify you based on your voice.

Windows Gets Even More Annoying
This week in Business News, the Internet Archive backs off from their unlimited lending, #Apple allows payment plans on their credit card, and Cox punishes people who use their data. Also, #Signal allows profile and message transfer and #windows found how how to be even more annoying than ever they were!

This HAS to violate COPPA
This week in Evil Tech, a uPnP flaw exposes nearly every web ‘easy to use’ device, #crypominers take over #Azure, a new #robotic arm is in the making, and schools increase child health tracking.

Apple’s Socially Distant Group Selfies
This week in SillyVille, #Facebook wants moderators based on color, BLM protesters don’t know what #STEM is, and a pair of headphones made from hemp is, yes, $420. Also, a coffee table turns into a gaming system, and #Apple creates a socially distant group selfie app.

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