Windows 10 Failures, and Big Brother Google Chrome

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Windows 10 Failures
In privacy news, the Healthcare Industry is still awash with leaks and security breaches, but worse, private health data is being sold to companies inentionally! Also, some Mac email clients have been harvesting our data to sell to markets, but don’t go to Windows 10! That has been awash with recent controversy!
#Windows #Mac #BigData

Google Chrome Gears Up to be Big Brother
In business news, Juul advertised to kids, no wonder we have had an issue with vaping in early ages! Windows 7 has another new bug, and tesla says a second-party car sale will not have autopilot and other features! NVidia is forced to remove Blizzard titles from their gaming network, and DoorDash gets a bad taste from binding arbitration, but Google Chrome wants to turn into Big Brother and tell you want you can and cannot download!
#Windows #Blizzard #Chrome

The Attack of the Digital Mosquitoes
In smart tech news, Amazon Ring wants people to show us the good things their neighbors do, some nasty new malware infects home and smart phone devices, and Sprint has a new smartwatch for your children to track their location! But all this is nothing when compared to swarms of bloodthirsty robotic mosquitoes!
#Ring #Sprint #Malware

App Locks You Out if You’re the Wrong Gender
Today in Sillyville, Teens arested for a Corona Virus prank, Google’s Bookbot may be back, Uber drivers pee in people’s gardens, a new app will trap a robocaller and file lawsuit papers, and a new sexist app refuses to work if you are not a woman.
#Coroavirus #Uber #Giggle

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