Try These New Creepy Health Trackers!

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Try These New Creepy Health Trackers!
This week in Privacy News, a protest app is a privacy nightmare, Google engineers are confused by their privacy settings, and tons of Apple apps have chinese spyware ads in them. Also, Playstation identifies users by the way they play new crazy smart tech is revealed by Amazon and Fitbit.

HBO Max Stops Working on Linux
This week in Business News, Walmart joins with Microsoft for a TikTok bid, Apple apologizes for the WordPress app update refusal, and Chrome overloads DNS servers. Also, Porsche has a new subscription service tier, Alphabet gets into the insurance game, and HBO increases Widevine DRM, blocking Linux.

Tesla Autopilot Strikes Again!
This week in Smart Tech and Silly News, LG makes a battery powered mask, a new touch-based smart lock, and Tesla’s autopilot crashes again. In silly news, Apple creates a floating store, FDA warns against drinking hand sanitizer, and having Apple products in your photos increases matches on dating sites.

Journalists Disagree with Scientists at CDC
This week in Dystopian news, we are being forced into the lie. Apple pushes appless contact tracing, Google’s Weather frog now wears a mask, a new robot will test you with nasal swabs, and CDC drops the requirement for some asymptomatic exposures.

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