Tracking Protesters and Church Goers

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Tracking Protesters and Church Goers
This week in Privacy News, Florida protects #DNA from insurance companies, police hack into an encrypted phone service, and #Facebook has been up to no good. Also, #Mobilewalla tracted BLM protestors and Church goers.

Apple Phone No Charger: Courage
This week in Business News, Mercedes stops the subscription service, and a #Tesla accelerates into a police car. Also, a new search engine wants you to pay to use it, and a #Windows 10 update slows your computer to a crawl. Finally, #Apple phones may not ship witha charger…that is Courage!

Microsoft Logging Tire Damage?
This week in Smart Tech, the #Boeing 737 flies again, #Disney has more faceswap technology and consumer reports wants all the smart tech possible jammed into cars. Also, Microsoft and #Bridgestone work to map road conditions using your car and GPS.

Lost Job? Get a Free Board Game!
This week in SillyVille, Microsoft bans #confederate flags, #Google now augments reality with dinosaurs and #NASA seks help with pooping in space. Also, if you lost your job in the pandemic, you may be entitled to free board games…

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