The World’s Stupidest Lawsuit?

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The World’s Stupidest Lawsuit?
This week in Privacy News, France has a new somewhat anonymous contact tracing app, but over half the people are saying they will not use it. Also, a ransomware gang is now extorting people after stealing and encrypting their data, other hackers are using a coinbase leak to perform SIM swaps, and someone has filed the world’s stupidest lawsuit.

The FCC Failed…
This week in Business News, ordering apps are everywhere, but all of them are still losing money. Also, Uber now lets you hire a private driver for a huge hourly rate, and the Internet Archive poked a really big bees nest. All these are happening while the FCC seems to be out to lunch.

RoboWaiter: The Future Cometh
This week in Evil Tech, the Amazon Echo Look is dying, backup your data! Also, BBC’s new voice assistant enters beta, and a few new smart tech devices have arrived on scene. Also, Walmart employees cast doubt on their AI devices and robots may be the waiter in a restaurant near you!

Stealing from BigTech is Bad
This week in SillyVille, Samsung launched a rotating TV for some reason. Also, any governments asking for images of crime is always a bad idea. But it is worse for the looters who forgot Apple tracks their unsold phones.

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