The Great Twitter Hack

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The Great Twitter Hack
Today in Privacy News, Amazon thinks about banning #TikTok but changes its mind after backlash. Also, malware is discovered in required accounting software for #Chinese companies and EU blocks USA-EU data trading deal. Finally, we want to discuss the Great #Twitter Hack!

Japan’s Human-animal Hybrid
Today in Business News, #Spectrum plans to increase your bill by $200 per year and Amazon targets automated home delivery. Also, #Lyft drivers have to buy PPE from the company and #ARM processors may jack up the licensing fees…just in time for Apple! Finally, Japan is set to start working on human-animal hybrids soon. Yep, it’s the apocalypse!

EU IoT Probe
Today in Smart Tech News, #Amazon is working on a full shopping cart for cashierless shopping. Also, #Zoom gets its own dedicated IoT device, pine64 upgrades their hardware, and Coca-cola releases a new contactless soda dispenser. Finally, the EU starts a probe looking at whether big tech is creating a barrier for entry of other #IoT devices.

What About This is Bad?
This week in SillyVille, #Biden’s plan calls for polluters to go to jail. Also, Apple adds a #BLM keyboard emoji to help the spread of Marxism. In a SillyVille update, beef farmers are mad at Burger King for their pandering new #CowFart commercial, and a new poster tells us all about white stereotypes.

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