The Apple Shakedown

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Captcha for Malware?
This week in #Privacy News, a rioter was arrested with the help of their social media posts, Words With Friends will soon require an #Alexa, and your conversations can be heard with a telescope…no really. Also, now hackers are using captchas to deliver #malware.

The Apple Shakedown
This week in Business News, Google is messing with the URL bar, too, and #Microsoft deletes more files with the new update. Zoom grants end-to-end encryption to all users, and #SpaceX fights for broadband classification. Finally, we look at #Apple’s shakedown of the new Hey email service.

Do You Trust Contact Tracing?
This week in Evil Tech News, for $75,000 you, too, can own a boston dynamics killer dog. Also, #Samsung now includes blood pressure and allows you to share the data through the app. Contact Tracing applications has been all the talk, but security researchers suggest they are problematic. On this news, Americans are really not interested in the government, so we do not want to use them.

Your Code is Cancelled
This week in SillyVille, California now has a mandatory mask rule, and #eBay execs go crazy, and the FDA now has a video game to treat #ADHD. Also, github bans #Whitelist and Blacklist.

The Chopping Block
Everything is offense, just cancel the world. See what’s on the chopping block today!


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