Stimulus Loan Data Leak

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Stimulus Loan Data Leak
This week in the Privacy News, billions of phones are unable to use contact tracing apps created by Google and Apple, facebook launches its kids app world-wide, and ring wants to scan license plates and use faceial ID. Also, major leaks in the loan process for relief funds leaks personal, sensitive data on 8000 small businesses.

Windows 10 Deletes More Files
This week in business news, Whole Foods uses heat maps to detect union efforts, Google is working on a debit card to more directly track your spending, sonos launches a new streamign service. Also, another Windows 10 update bricks the computer and deletes files.

House Arrest Wrist Bands
This week in the Boogieman Bug News, We start with information control, move through various new social plans…and Boston Dynamics dogs, leading to governments asking big tech for help, and finally finding ourselves under house arrest wearing a new tech tracking device (mandated by the government, of course).

How Stupid can Americans Get?
This week in Sillyville, Whatsapp gives us quarrantine stickers, Sharp IoT servers crash in a mad rush to buy face maeks, and americans do stupid things to get away from the boogieman.

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