Stanford Details AnalPrint Research

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Stanford Details AnalPrint Research
This week in Privacy News, Google knows all! Also, a spyware email is back with a new ‘private’ email service, tapplock is very easy to break into, Senator Warren asks Zoom about COPPA, and more. Also, Sanford University has
been researching how to make a better smart toliet that can capture your Anal Print!
#Stanford #Edison #Twitter

Windows 10 Will (Kind of) Access Linux Files
This week in Business News, Tesla was going to use HAL9000 for its sentry mode, but MGM said NO! Also, If you miss the office noises, a new website will help you with that. Also, UK telecoms as people to please not burn their 5G towers to the ground, and Windows 10 can access WSL files in the file manager now.
#Windows10 #Tesla #WorkAtHome

Facebook Wants Your Symptoms
This week in Chiroptophobia News, NASA sees a huge Malware spike, computers and masks are selling out, and Verizon cancels internet hookups and repairs. Also, Facebook wants you to self-report symptoms and they are sharing that data with researchers.
#NASA #Facebook #Verizon

Arrested for the Crime of Coughing
This week in Dystopia News, Contact tracing is starting to be promoted, Chromium rolls back cookie blocking, and birthdays are now online. Also, newsspeak ads are being pushed in video games, Microsoft takes the lead for an 18 month quarantine, a landlord locks a church out, and a man is arrested for coughing…
#ContactTracing #Quarantine #HealthCrimes

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