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  • GarageBand
  • Sound Recorder
  • Sound Booth


Audacity is a robust software package designed for creating and editing audio files.  The export options include all major audio formats including MP3, ogg, and wav formats.  The program is free and open source and is a great install on any operating system for creative people who need a way to record audio.  Ubuntu Studio is one distro that contains Audacity at installation, but for most distros including Ubuntu and Linux Mint do not include the software but it can be easily installed from the terminal or software manager.

Audacity is not the easiest program to use for beginners because of the advanced features it boasts, but there are plenty of online tutorials for anything you that you will need help completing.  The program is a must-have for anyone who needs to record or edit audio files.  Most basic features are easy for the beginner to pick up and the advanced features are well documented by the organization that creates the software.