Snowden’s Revelations Upheld as Unconstitutional

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Snowden’s Revelations Upheld as Unconstitutional
This week in Privacy News, Facebook can’t sell #Oculus in Germany, Ring cameras endanger search warrants, and geofencing is ruled unconstitutional. Also, ZTE has a camera you can’t block, #Apple creates a privacy label for apps, and #Snowden revelations were used in court and found to be unconstitutional…and useless.

Facebook Pays To Close Accounts
This week in Business News, Apple stops #Facebook from talking about the Apple tax, #Walmart competes with Amazon Prime, and Amazon is hiring analysts to find unions. Also, Facebook is doing an experiment to pay users to close their accounts for the #election season.

Does Your Landlord Use Alexa in Your Apartment?
This week in Smart Tech News, #Google has a new Android build for kids, and then allows us to donate to social justice. Also, AI grading can be cheated, philips has a new TV lightstrip, and #Amazon releases a new service for landlords to make their rental properties more “user friendly”.

Lockdown Has Us Toasted
This week in Sillyville News, Apple has a new privacy ad that is excellent, and a Verge journalist has a love affair with his toaster while the Brits make Toast Art reproductions of popular paintings.

Mostly False Positives and Mostly Comorbidities
This week in Dystopia, we will look at the current numbers and the statements this week about the 6% and mostly false positives. We also get an update to the Google and Apple Contact Tracing and Uber Mask insanity.

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