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Cookie Management

Most of us have heard about cookies in the context of computers or the Internet, but most of us do not have a grasp of what they are.  I was asked to record a video about cookies directly in response to my video on Facebook Wants to Know Everything, so here goes a little more […]

Add Search Engines to Linux Mint 18 Firefox

We all have our favorite search engines that we like to use for searching but one disadvantage of Linux Mint is they have disabled the usual way to add your custom search engines to the Firefox browser.  On this video I will show you how to add any search engine to Firefox.  Joe Collins recently […]

A Safer Dual Boot

Do you happen to have a desktop computer?  If so, chances are you can try out Linux with what I refer to as a ‘safer’ dual boot.  This is not what we generally mean when referring to dual booting because the two operating systems will be installed on different hard disks.  Most full-sized desktop computers […]

Ubuntu Studio Revives an Old Dell

Do you have an old computer laying around that is collecting dust because it runs about as fast as a dead snail? Well, don’t throw that beast out (Unless it has a big yellow case and a monochrome monitor on top – then it may be a lost cause!), you may be able to revive […]

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