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Net Neutrality: An Open Letter to the Elected Officials

An Open Letter to Congress, Senate, and the President of the United States Over the last decade I have watched as the Internet progressed from an interesting curiosity into a tool required by schools, and now it is a real necessity to Americans. I would probably rather it not be such a necessity, but I […]

America is Doomed!

America is collapsing under its decadence.  We have reached a pinnacle of technology, commerce, leisure, science, politics, and industry unrivaled by any civilization in the past.  We have preached toleration, legislated nutritional standards, and pushed education to the very limits of human potential.  We have access to factories that produce over 180 Million tons of […]

Enlightened in OpenSUSE Part 1 – Installation

In the effort to provide as much useful information as possible to those interested in Linux, I will be working on some projects to test out as many distros as possible with as much depth as possible.  For the next month or so I will be working on OpenSUSE at least part of the day.  […]

Corporate Misbehavior

Scammers and spammers annoy us in our modern world and our fight with them is often fruitless.  But when we have to wage the same fruitless battles with well established and known companies it means that the corporations are misbehaving.  I have recently encountered two different companies that are proving to be a hassle. Staples […]

Scamming the Scammers!

I have been teetering on this topic, that is until again I received another call from the same scammers that have been calling repeatedly…my number…on the do not call lists….with robocalls! For the love of God; MAKE THEM STOP! But realize this: they only perpetrate their scams because they make money, so if we can […]

An Introduction

Switched to Linux is a site to encourage and empower people to try out Linux, but the General video series will cover any topic. I am formally educated in the sciences and I have taught college Chemistry, but I am self-taught in several other areas, primarily technology. I currently run a web design company among […]

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