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Car Infotainment Systems are Dangerous

New Router DNS Hijacking This week in Security News, Chinese hacking is on the rise, but there is not much we can do about it. Also, a Netflix bug allowing cookie logins to be shared was leaked online, a new virus is targeting Middle East industry, and a new router DNS hijacking is tied to […]

MTA, Smartphone Privacy Bungles

MTA, Smartphone Privacy Bungles This week in Privacy News, ACLU demands to know the extent of facial recognition data that several agencies have on border crossings, Google strips location out of hangouts, Access Now demands a transparency report from Zoom, and iOS leaks clipboard data to random apps! Also, there are many privacy concerns with […]

Criminalized By My Apps

Today in Privacy News, a privacy-focused communication app leaked all info for several years, two ISPs leak massive amounts of customer information, a VPN scrapes user data, and a Google exercise app pins a biker as a burgler. #Comcast #Trackers #Whisper Is Your Store Going Cashierless? Today in Business News, Microsoft did a good thing […]

Companies and EARN IT from the Gov’t with the KIDS Act

Non-sense: The govt can EARN IT This week in Privacy News, a free WiFi network exposes all sorts of sensitive data to an unsecured Amazon database, Ring stores data on about everything, DuckDuckGo releases source code to their data tracking tool and spotify starts testing voice activation! Our chief story is the details surrounding the […]

Clearview AI Customer List Stolen

Clearview AI Customer List Stolen Today in Privacy News, an update to the mobile phone location tracking case. Also, Amazon opens the first cashierless full grocery store, Chrome deploys the contraversal deeplinking, another university is adopting digital IDs. Our final story is the contraversial Clearview AI had its customer list stolen. #Chrome #Apple #Amazon Walmart: […]

Facebook Pays You to Say Your Contacts’ Names

Facebook Pays You to Say Your Contacts’ Names This week in privacy news, if it was not enough for Android apps on the Play Store to be full of malware, now we find Chrome extensions also to be full of malware. New Mexico sues Google for colelcting student data, iOS file converters are radically insecure, […]

LBRY: I jumped from the Dumpster Fire

I gave LBRY, a new video platform a try, but I decided it was not a good platform for a variety of users. This is the correspondence I wrote to them when I left the platform: My Letter Dear Lbry, I wish to close my account and have nothing to do with your service. While […]

Windows 10 Failures, and Big Brother Google Chrome

Windows 10 Failures In privacy news, the Healthcare Industry is still awash with leaks and security breaches, but worse, private health data is being sold to companies inentionally! Also, some Mac email clients have been harvesting our data to sell to markets, but don’t go to Windows 10! That has been awash with recent controversy! […]

Local Windows 10 Search Breaks in Network Flaw

Local Windows 10 Search Breaks in Network Flaw Today in Privacy News, The Ashley Madison hack comes back for money, #Ring allows us to opt out of police video requests, web browser privacy is a fractured thing, but #Avast will not delete the data they collected. Our feature story is that local #Windows search stopped […]

Forced to Install Location Tracking Apps

Today in privacy news, Firefox data reveals that is shares the telemetry data it collects with marketing companies, Avast Antivirus caught in a data selling spree and two nation states are now rolling out live facial ID alearting police ot POIs. But if they just forced everyone to install apps, they would know where everyone […]


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