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Your 2020 Guide to Hardening Firefox

This is a simple guide and video on how to harden your #Firefox browser. While this tutorial is displayed on Linux, it also works for #Windows and #Mac Notes on Firefox Hardening: Plugins: uBlock Origin (Raymond Hill) Privacy Badger HTTPS Everywhere Options: New Windows and Tabs should be blank to prevent a site from knowing […]

Hey Alexa, Grab My Spear

Hey Alexa, Grab My Spear In privacy news, The Verge gives us info to delete your fitbit data before Google takes possession of it, police obtain a broad search warrant to collect DNA from over thousand user uploaded profiles, two cases of employees helping hackers have emerged this week which helped to fuel some windows […]

Google Buys Fitbit

Google Might Buy Fitbit I have said it many times that once a company has your data you cannot get it back, and if that company sells, the new company has that data. What if Google now buys FitBit and thus collects all your personal health data? Are you comfortable with such a company, which […]

Hey Alexa, Steal My Password!

Hey Alexa, Steal My Password! Today in Privacy News, Axon who brought us tazers and police body cams now wants to equip police cars with automated license plate readers, congress has another law with a cute name to make tech worse while trying to make it better, and spotify wants to give everyone a google […]

Will the FTC Get Real Power?

Will the FTC Get Real Power? Another city bans facial recognition for all government applications, but the good news ends there. Nest will now sell a smart speaker that is also a router, the Harry Potter mobile game tracks location even when you are not using it, ana Amazon is rolling out bill pay. With […]

The 1984 Telescreen Invasion

This week in the privacy news, a senator proposes a law to declare cameras and mics in devices…but there is an estimated 8% chance it will become law, Facebook wants Portal to invade the workplace, twitter had an ad snafu, but Amazon wants to place ring all over your property so they may be able […]

Yahoo Engineer Uses Access for Stalking!

In Privacy News, Google dominates the periphery of the news, but it is their tools that is in question, not the company itself. The issues? DoH, Facial Recognition, and the Play Store….Again…. But we have one more warning about sharing too much data with companies! A Yahoo software engineer uses his Yahoo access to stalk […]

Facebook’s New Mind Reading Company…

Amazon is up to no good this week. First, they are trying to capture all their employee’s data with a universal health app, apparently when someone dialed 911 all the ring cameras in the area started live streaming to the police, and Alexa can now be worn on a ring! Oh yeah, Facebook wanted in […]

Apple Shows Us Facebook Sneakiness

Apple Shows Us Facebook Sneakiness This week in Privacy News, a California lawmaker who is trying to shut down the privacy laws is married to a Ring Executive…nothing more to see here! Also, our televisions are watching us as we watch them based on a new research article from Princeton, and Facebook is trying to […]

Spotify is Stalking You! – Weekly News Roundup

In privacy news, the Ninth Circuit Court as allowed a company to scrape public data from LinkedIn, Instagram privacy posts are not so private, and Alphabet officially launches a pedestrian traffic mapping app…but Spotify wants to know the address of everyone using their accounts! #LinkedIn #Spotify #Instagram In business news, Juul gives a marketing presentation […]


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