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Would You Connect Your Face to Your Bank Account?

Privacy in public is getting crazier!  This week in the news, a lot is being said about facial recognition from IBM using flickr photos to train AI without consent to a new law in the US to hopefully tighten facial recognition…but that did not stop China from linking FACIAL SCANS TO CREDIT CARD!!!  Wow!!!  What […]

Scan Everything! – Total Data Collection

I called it a while back that TikTok was not a good company, and we are handing over tons of personal data to them.  They are a Chinese AI data analytics firm who thrives on collecting and processing data.  And they have captive audience in our children in total violation of COPPA!  Wow!  But if […]

Facebook Closely Watches ‘Untrusted’ Users

Facebook tracks everyone, but it maintains a list of people to watch even closer.  People it deems to be a treat are always monitored real time by employees!  YIKES!!  If this were not creepy enough, small entirely solar wifi cameras are being created that can send data feeds back home from anywhere…just wait until Facebook […]

iOS and Session Replay

Tonight we look at several privacy articles and a few business news items.  On the top of the priorities is a re-visitation of Session Replay and how it showed up in several iPhone apps.  But Apple is not the only phone concern as it turns out that live GPS phone data leak is wider than […]

Your Cameras are Watching You!

A Critical Facetime bug allowed people to listen in on you even if you did not pick up the call!  They could even see you on the camera.  But this is not the only rouge camera this week as 4.3 million app downloads on the Google Play store were found to be maliciously capturing your […]

Installing Pamac on Arch With Yay

If you are searching the internet for how you might install the easy GUI package manger Pamac onto your Arch install, be aware most of the instructions out there are still using Yaourt which is no longer being maintained.  Fortunately there are many other AUR helpers out there to pick from, and this set of […]

All Your Thoughts Belong to Us

We are in a weird world.  If your sister submitted your DNA, police can now use it to look for breaks in cold cases, but if that was not creepy enough, researchers now can analyze your public social media to predict what you are going to say next! Yep, this will only get worse when […]

Cute Little Personal Spies!

Data collection is still ramping up with a Chinese company selling an emo robot to keeps tabs on you (think smart speak in a cute shell).  Of course an open source project can now let you provide white noise so your personal spy spies on you less, but of well…  This and more including an […]

Don’t OD on Smart Devices – Weekly News Roundup

This week we see that I have been right ALL ALONG!  The Ring Smart doorbells collect video that is stored on AWS S3 buckets which were given encrypted to employees and contractors to view all your comings and goings!  Also, a new smart app to detect if you have an Opioid Overdose!  Wow… not to […]

Apple Sales Suffer because People Replace Battery

Yep, we all feel Apple’s pain.  They lost sales this year because it came out that they were actually slowing down phones causing people to upgrade their devices, but once the world found out, they were forced to offer cheaper battery replacements…and many people found that a better plan than dropping another thousand on a […]

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