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Windows Making Good Decisions

Doordash Shares Location Data This week in Privacy News, Edison email suffers a serious email bug, Turning on a phones screen may require a warrant, an the FBI pushes once again to break encryption. Also, Doordash, wants to share real-time location data with restaurants. Windows Finally Gets a Package Manager This week in Business News, […]

No Warrant Browser History Search

No Warrant Browser History Search This week in Privacy News, Amazon is fighting against facial recognition ban in Seattle, Android’s ad ID is challenged in GDPR, M$ pushes out new family tools, and the Senate uses the lack of sitting officials to expand the Patriot Act allowing no-warrant search history spying. Munich Switches to Linux […]

Is Contact Tracing Private?

Is Contact Tracing Private? This week in Privacy News, Roblox employees were paid to hack, their system, Apple may share your emergency data with 911, hacker mines user data from Tesla, and we finally have more details on Apple and Google Contact Tracing API…how private is it? #Google #ContactTracing #Tesla Free Internet for All? This […]

Are Your Emails Being Sold?

Are Your Emails Being Sold? This week in Privacy News, Epic games requires 2FA for downloading free games, Google play store is still insecure, and a new tool sends your data to hundreds of colleges at once. Also, several companies have been selling emails through their sign in forms. Was yours sold? #Epic #Admithub #Quibi […]

Stimulus Loan Data Leak

Stimulus Loan Data Leak This week in the Privacy News, billions of phones are unable to use contact tracing apps created by Google and Apple, facebook launches its kids app world-wide, and ring wants to scan license plates and use faceial ID. Also, major leaks in the loan process for relief funds leaks personal, sensitive […]

What is Verizon Doing Now?!?

Emailed at Login This week in Privacy News, Amazon adds new Alexa voice process, Apple users are most targeted in phishing scams, Google reports Human Malware scams are on the rise, and Verizon is still acquiring companies and using data against us. #Verizon #Apple #Amazon Kernel Based Anticheat Drivers This week in Business News, paying […]

Stanford Details AnalPrint Research

Stanford Details AnalPrint Research This week in Privacy News, Google knows all! Also, a spyware email is back with a new ‘private’ email service, tapplock is very easy to break into, Senator Warren asks Zoom about COPPA, and more. Also, Sanford University has been researching how to make a better smart toliet that can capture […]

Zooming in on Privacy Concerns

Microsoft Dumps Third Party Facial Recognition This week in Privacy News, Grammarly is now spying on MacOS users, 4000 more apps can use a Google API to track what other apps you are using, Spotify launches a kids version, and Microsoft decides to stop working with third party facial recognition companies. #Microsoft #Android #Spotify Security […]

Car Infotainment Systems are Dangerous

New Router DNS Hijacking This week in Security News, Chinese hacking is on the rise, but there is not much we can do about it. Also, a Netflix bug allowing cookie logins to be shared was leaked online, a new virus is targeting Middle East industry, and a new router DNS hijacking is tied to […]

MTA, Smartphone Privacy Bungles

MTA, Smartphone Privacy Bungles This week in Privacy News, ACLU demands to know the extent of facial recognition data that several agencies have on border crossings, Google strips location out of hangouts, Access Now demands a transparency report from Zoom, and iOS leaks clipboard data to random apps! Also, there are many privacy concerns with […]


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