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The 1984 Telescreen Invasion

This week in the privacy news, a senator proposes a law to declare cameras and mics in devices…but there is an estimated 8% chance it will become law, Facebook wants Portal to invade the workplace, twitter had an ad snafu, but Amazon wants to place ring all over your property so they may be able […]

Yahoo Engineer Uses Access for Stalking!

In Privacy News, Google dominates the periphery of the news, but it is their tools that is in question, not the company itself. The issues? DoH, Facial Recognition, and the Play Store….Again…. But we have one more warning about sharing too much data with companies! A Yahoo software engineer uses his Yahoo access to stalk […]

Facebook’s New Mind Reading Company…

Amazon is up to no good this week. First, they are trying to capture all their employee’s data with a universal health app, apparently when someone dialed 911 all the ring cameras in the area started live streaming to the police, and Alexa can now be worn on a ring! Oh yeah, Facebook wanted in […]

Apple Shows Us Facebook Sneakiness

Apple Shows Us Facebook Sneakiness This week in Privacy News, a California lawmaker who is trying to shut down the privacy laws is married to a Ring Executive…nothing more to see here! Also, our televisions are watching us as we watch them based on a new research article from Princeton, and Facebook is trying to […]

Spotify is Stalking You! – Weekly News Roundup

In privacy news, the Ninth Circuit Court as allowed a company to scrape public data from LinkedIn, Instagram privacy posts are not so private, and Alphabet officially launches a pedestrian traffic mapping app…but Spotify wants to know the address of everyone using their accounts! #LinkedIn #Spotify #Instagram In business news, Juul gives a marketing presentation […]

Facebook Leaks Hundreds of Thousands of Phone Numbers!

In privacy news, facial payments come to china, Google now suggests your entertainment based on your preferences, and GPS trackers are probably the least secure thing in the world…but Facebook is at it again with a big, insecure database of hundreds of user IDs and other personal information! #Facebook #Google #FacialRecognition In business news, Amazon […]

Am I Too Paranoid?

Am I too paranoid? I have been asked that question on a few comments, but sometimes in emails or on chats. Some people just think that I take my privacy a little too seriously. I learned that the website has a list of top Linux Youtubers, and I was in the list… the post […]

Misplaced Concern for Palantir?

In privacy news, Google has a new web strategy that still gives our data to marketers? I think they missed the boat! Also, FBI orders a reverse location search from Google, one of 50 in the state. Yelp and Tesla also make the news, but a tech job fair is more concerned by palantir tracking […]

Microsofts Wants All Your SMS Data!

Today in the privacy news, more updates on the Ring for police officers as Amazon tells them how and how not to brand. We also see Google and Firefox team up to prevent data spying by a nation state…well, that is ironic! We see some new smart devices and a Denmark cell phone privacy case, […]

Biometric Data Leaks

In today’s Privacy News, now FACEBOOK wants in on the action of giving your audio transcripts to people…while this has caused Apple and Google to stop and (almost) stop the practice, Microsoft DOUBLES DOWN and adds that it will happen in the privacy policy!! We also get tips on syncing every bit of health data […]


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