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Please Scan Your Body Here

Amazon is not content with putting voice technology in houses.  There are people like me who do not buy these things, so Amazon is now planning a wearable device to listen for mood based on voice recognition! But they are also planning to scan your bodies, too, so I am not sure which is creepier.  […]

Arrests Based on Face ID of DIFFERENT PEOPLE?!?

While San Francisco is busy banning face ID in government work, New York City is using clear photos of famous people as stand-ins for botched FaceID jobs….and MAKING ARRESTS BASED ON THAT DATA!!  Yet, it is time to ban FaceID! In the business sector, Apple will have to face a lawsuit about antitrust, Uber can […]

Why I Still Use Linux Mint

It is no secret that Linux Mint is my favorite Linux distribution. From the first time I saw it, I went from, ‘Yep, Linux will Work’ to ‘WOW! Linux may be perfect!’ What caused such a revelation? Why is this the perfect distro for me? Well, these are my reasons. You will have your own […]

Was Your Face Sold to the Military?

This weeks Weekly News Roundup looks at privacy and business news. Facebook is under scrutiny from the FTC as it turns out real people manually tag certain types of posts to train AI! Amazon may be storing your child’s data, and Google how has a competing product to Facebook’s Portal! But to top it all […]

Is It Dangerous to Fix Your iPhone?

DuckDuckGo wants to help lawmakers create an internet privacy bill while Google offers self-destructing data that we can choose to enable.  Are things turning for the better?  It might be so, but not so fast! Apple is now blocking the California right to repair bill while Adobe just doubled the subscription fee for the Photographer’s […]

Facebook’s Revolving Door

This Weekly News Roundup looks at some privacy updates about AI health that we all saw coming, but we also have a look at a new social media podcast site?  Hmm…but the biggest…and scariest news is the new Facebook general counsel appointee…Trump said he would END revolving doors, not open one in the worst company […]

Facebook Steals 1.5M Users Contact Lists!

Facebook is up to its old tricks as a ‘code error’ caused them to collect email contact lists from 1.5 million users. We also talk about Google tracking being used by the Police, but MS does not sell facial recognition to the law enforcement! But they cannot have it super easy as IE has a […]

The AI Said I’m Crazy

There is a new AI firm that is probably the craziest thing I have seen in a long time! What could they we up to? We also talk about Amazon and how their employees may be listening to your Alexa voice prints, but at least their stores will take taking cash soon!  These and more […]

Will You Quit Facebook Yet

Facebook is up to some old tricks again! Let’s see: Leak personal data? CHECK! Allowing the sales of stolen data? CHECK! Grab your password from your personal email? WTF?!? At this point I think the company is trying to kill the platform! On top of this, we will talk about border phone searches, Tesla cameras […]

Facebook Sued by HUD

Facebook is surprised it is being sued by HUD, and Apple Watch will now collect your heart beat in the EU!  We also have reports of a new Apple credit card, and a lot of other exciting business news!  Join us tonight for another edition of Weekly News Roundup! Articles Privacy Business […]


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