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Bing User Data Leak

Bing User Data Leak This week in Privacy News, while Google and Apple try to clock data tracking, a new company pops up to collect it all. Also, Facebook finally gives you control over you photos on other peoples account and they also threaten to pull out of EU countries. Amazon have more tracking plans, […]

Give Your Data for Cheap Wireless?

Give Your Data for Cheap Wireless? This week in Privacy News, Razer leaks a lot of customer data, Facebook ignored meddling data, and Apple watch tracks oxygen data…but only for “wellness”, not for “Medicine.” Also, ATT is looking to subsidize cell phone plans by selling user data. First Reported Death From Ransomware This week in […]

Raspberry Pi Wireless Access Point

This tutorial will show you how to extend your wireless network with a Raspberry Pi. For this tutorial, I am using a Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB model in a SounFoundry Acrylic case. I am powering the Pi with a standard 5V, 2A charger, which is enough to power this headless Pi without any other attachments. […]

Look Who Just Joined the Amazon Board

Look Who Just Joined the Amazon Board This week in Privacy News, Yubico has a new security key, Portland bans facial ID, and the US Border Patrol is storing data for your whole lifetime. Also, Facebook tries to win College students and someone interesting joins the Amazon board. Online Voting Woes This week in Business […]

Fixing Bad Audio in a Video File

Today we will talk about how to swap an audio track in a video. The concept is simple: a video is really a ‘movie’ stream, and at least one ‘audio’ stream. The video player software will select the proper audio stream based on the meta data. Our process is the following: Extract the video to […]

Snowden’s Revelations Upheld as Unconstitutional

Snowden’s Revelations Upheld as Unconstitutional This week in Privacy News, Facebook can’t sell #Oculus in Germany, Ring cameras endanger search warrants, and geofencing is ruled unconstitutional. Also, ZTE has a camera you can’t block, #Apple creates a privacy label for apps, and #Snowden revelations were used in court and found to be unconstitutional…and useless. Facebook […]

Try These New Creepy Health Trackers!

Try These New Creepy Health Trackers! This week in Privacy News, a protest app is a privacy nightmare, Google engineers are confused by their privacy settings, and tons of Apple apps have chinese spyware ads in them. Also, Playstation identifies users by the way they play new crazy smart tech is revealed by Amazon and […]

Facebook Engages Project Takeover

Facebook Engages Project Takeover This week in Privacy News, LA settles with Weather Channel; they can keep collecting data. Also, be sure not to use really, really, really, old Linux kernels, the Secret Service buys mobile phone location data, and Toyota will partner with AWS to store all your driving data for insurance! Also, Facebook […]

Apple Made Facebook Sad

Apple Made Facebook Sad This week in Privacy news, #ProctorU leaks a ton of data, Android is pushing an earthquake detection service, and #TikTok collected MAC addresses of phones. Also, VoLTE is not as secure as though and Apple makes #Facebook with new iOS14 shenanigans. Firefox Lays Off 250 This week in Business News, vaping […]

NSA Warns Against Windows 7

NSA Warns Against Windows 7 This week in Privacy News, the Microsoft-TikTok saga carries on, Twitter faces FTC probe, and the NSA warns us against using Find-My-Phone (as if I haven’t been for years). Also, we have several Windows stories about Windows 7 and other things. Apple to Allow Third Party Defaults This week in […]


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