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Google Wants to Know It All, and Facebook Targets Your Family

Today we will look at a few news articles about Google collecting more data via a VPN, also their acquisition of a medical company.  Of course, VPNs are a good thing, and I recommend both Private Internet Access and Nord VPN.  These do not collect data and are not owned by data collection companies, but […]

1984 in 2018 – Weekly News Roundup

The groundbreaking book 1984 was not just about privacy invasion, but more about thought policing.  We have found some articles this week about that very trend!  In addition to our regular articles on privacy and business, we will also look at a new project analyzing twitter accounts for instances of hate…by none other than the […]

Google is Going MAD!!

This week in the news, we will look at a variety of Google articles.  The Google+ issue, censorship, and their desire to teach our kids!  Google is not the only thing in the news.  There is a new service like BetterHelpNow which wants to sell you friends for $35 and Amazon is up to a […]

Your New Amazon smart House!

I love Amazon for the range of things I can buy, and how I can also buy anonymously online.  Also, as an author, Amazon treats me well as far as royalties and commissions relative to other book distributors.  But they are starting to go too far!  Amazon held a ‘secret’ event this week where they […]

Microsoft Managed Desktop Launched in 5 Eyes

Microsoft is releasing it new Managed Desktop service in the Five Eyes!!

Is YouTube Complicate in False Copyright Claims?

There are good players and bad players in the AV industry but it appears as late that more bad players are arising and today I want to raise awareness about The Orchard Music.  Due to the research I have done on this group, I believe not only is the group abusing copyright claims, but also […]

Facebook Hoards More Data but Apple is Not Happy

This week in Weekly News Roundup we will focusing on some Facebook news. They are still executing their plan to get wifi into developing nations…not be be altruistic but to get more suckers to create Facebook accounts. Meanwhile they are also working on a voice assistant. Don’t we have enough of those yet? But Apple […]

The Encryption Battle Downunder

This weekly News Roundup features some discussion on encryption. Two encryption related battles are both vying for companies to weaken encryption so law enforcement can go fishing. We will also look at Cortana and Alexa joining forces in a single device, Alexa entering dorm rooms, and more privacy news. Check out the video and have […]

Net Neutrality: An Open Letter to the Elected Officials

An Open Letter to Congress, Senate, and the President of the United States Over the last decade I have watched as the Internet progressed from an interesting curiosity into a tool required by schools, and now it is a real necessity to Americans. I would probably rather it not be such a necessity, but I […]

Croc-pot Solutions for Microwave Problems

Our culture is too focused on what we want now. This article talks about the problem and looks for some solutions.

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