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Session Replay is a series of scripts that will record keystrokes when you visit a website and they will report back to the owner of that site information including scroll speed, engagement, and even the information you enter on webpage forms EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THE FORM. I believe this is a HUGE privacy concern so I took the time to identify the scripts at play. I may not update this list frequently, and these are subject to change.

To use: you just need to add the text in the scripts.txt to your hosts file. Paste them in, do not overwrite your file. This is an addon to your existing file, not a replacement of it.

I gathered my data from the Freedom to Tinker research project. These links serve as my sources:

There are a few of these scripts that need blocked at the IP level in your computer firewall due.

Use at your own risk.

Get the Script

Some has asked for my whole hosts file, so you can access it here.  This may not update as quickly as the feed I use, but this is the core.  This hosts file blocks bitcoin miners, session replay, advertising (except most google ads), pornography, an other known trackers.

Get the Hosts File

YouTube page script to list the lastest videos in order for your favorite channels.

Get the HTML script

LibreCalc Budget Form

Get the File
(note: there is a macro warning, this is because of the formulae and porting it from excel)

My Custom Cinnamon Themes:

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