No Warrant Browser History Search

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No Warrant Browser History Search
This week in Privacy News, Amazon is fighting against facial recognition ban in Seattle, Android’s ad ID is challenged in GDPR, M$ pushes out new family tools, and the Senate uses the lack of sitting officials to expand the Patriot Act allowing no-warrant search history spying.

Munich Switches to Linux
This week in Business News, a new robot promises to socialize our children, the Military fights the FCC over 5G, and M$ blocks reply-all storms. Also, Mustang promises OTA updates, Google kills another service, and Munich switches back to Linux after giving Windows the boot.

Tent Camp or Doomsday Bunker?
This week in dystopian news, Elon Musk, defies the state and reopens, Google is handing out Nest cameras to monitor the sick, and Twitter gives us warning labels. Also, rats are taking over cities, LA wants to set up tent cities, and Doomsday Bunkers are selling like hot cakes.

CNN Does Not Know What ‘Expert’ Means
This week in SillyVille, gnomes keep showing up in a nature preserve, Super Prawns will save us all (Unless seafood kills you), and Apple’s $700 wheels don’t roll? Also, in the coming end of the world, would you choose a tent city or a doomsday bunker?

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