US Airforce To Work with Location Tracking Co
This week in Privacy News, EU to vote on banning Facial Recognition, TikTok tracks individuals and keeps lists, and CSAM scanning may be illegal in the EU. Also, Safegraph is seeking a relationship with the Airforce. We also visit SillyVille.

Microsoft REALLY Wants You to Run Edge
This week in Business News, Tesla teases free FSD, YouTube is fighting against ad blockers...while cramming it into cars. Also, Microsoft is going fully aggressive to push Edge everywhere. We also visit SillyVille.

ChatGPT Re-writing the Bible
This week in Banned News, Feinstein resembles Palatine, Bing news is more biased than any other aggregators, and Canadian city does not want to hear from residents. Also, Bacon will vanish from California and Peta used ChatGPT to re-write Genesis.