Google Wants Telemetry in FOSS Software
This week in Privacy News, do we understand privacy enough to consent? Also, UK wants encrypted phones to be illegal, Tile makes stalking people easier, and Google has a few fun ideas to collect more data! We also look at some articles from our AI overlords.

Windows Deleting More Software
This week in Business News, Susan is leaving YouTube and her replacement might be worse. Also, Flatpak works on verification, lobbyist language gets input directly into NY R2R law, and Windows 10 for enterprise is over...time for Windows 11. Also, Windows will be deleting some software!

Unvaxxed Criminals
This week in Banned News, NPR thinks we should just keep masking up, NYT promotes geronticide, and DeSantis fights against ESG. Also, Greta slaughters trees to sell a book she isn't qualified to write, and NYC flags the teachers that didn't get vaxxed as criminals with the FBI.

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