Google Assimilates Your Heath Data
This week in the Privacy News, Facebook is facing a class over over data collection in iOS, apps can pose different data risks depending on the country of origin, and Cloudflare attempts to collect all your mobile data. Also, the Optus breach raises a number of privacy concerns including data retention and deleting data earlier than prior. Finally, Google will start forcing FitBit users to sync their health data with them. We also look at security news.

Non-IT Specialists in the Field
This week in Business News, Google Kills Stadia, Logitech Makes Mac tools now, and your boss may be monitoring your at home work. Also, Cloudflare wants to replace Captcha, Brave fights cookie consent banners, and more IT tasks at companies are being handled by non-IT employees, and that explains a lot. We also visit SillyVille.

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