MTA, Smartphone Privacy Bungles

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MTA, Smartphone Privacy Bungles
This week in Privacy News, ACLU demands to know the extent of facial recognition data that several agencies have on border crossings, Google strips location out of hangouts, Access Now demands a transparency report from Zoom, and iOS leaks clipboard data to random apps! Also, there are many privacy concerns with a large company running transactions for several MTA services.
#FacialID #Google #iOS

Windows 10 Breaks Again!
Today in Business News, France fines Apple a billion dollars for antitrust, Broadcom blames streaming for drop in chip production, Google Advanced Protection makes smartphones worse, and Microsoft acquires npm to control almost all code development. Also, the latest Windows 10 updates break windows again.
#Apple #Microsoft #Android

These TP Burglars are Going to Hell
Today in SillyVille, TikTOk internal guidelines don’t want ugly people to be featured, a new Internet challenge shows our world is still stupid, there is now a TP calculator, and some burlgars are certainly going to hell for this one!
#ToiletPaper #TikTok #SillyVille

Kung Flu Tech News Roundup
Today on the Kung Flu Tech News Roundup, we see how fragile our Internet era will be as several services go down from over use, grocery shopping delivery apps take off, and malware hits panic-strung people. Also, the government could use cell phone data to track the virus spread, and NextDoor app empowers helping neighbors.

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