Microsoft Managed Desktop Launched in 5 Eyes

The Article

Buzz was created in July when a writer at Znet spotted a job posted at Microsoft for a new service known as the Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD).  Just this week the service has begun to roll out.  The purpose of MMD is to remove responsibility from IT professionals in small and large companies so that Microsoft can take over the roll of managing the computers itself.  This means those professionals will have less to do with windows, policy, management, and so on, but that also means all those tasks are now in the hands of Microsoft.

The service means end users will get the device, login, and the windows policy takes over.  According to Arstechnica:

With MMD, customers will be able to put their credentials into systems straight from the OEM. Machines will retrieve their configuration, enroll in device management, and install necessary applications using Windows AutoPilot. There should be no need for IT personnel to ever touch the machines.

This means that even the system settings, privacy settings, and everything else will be installed, and even remotely managed!  Yes, the service does require new hardware (which is why the hardware is part of the service) that allows easy remote management.  Of course, we all know by now that Microsoft always sets the default data collection to be the highest possible collection, storing, keeping that data, and using it for their own marketing purposes.

The Scary Part

OK, so this might be good for businesses: Streamline IT (i.e. let people go), make more, give lots more subscription service fees to Microsoft (OK, so maybe not so good).  But the businesses will get regular security updates and Microsoft will have to deal with the systems that were broken by their forced updates.

The part that raised my eyebrows, however, was this note from their press release:

Today, we are live with MMD with a small number of customers in the U.K. and the U.S., and are starting operations in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in early 2019.

If this list of companies looks familiar, you might remember it from this video:

Yes,the Five Eyes is the government cooperation between US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  These are the companies Microsoft is pushing this service to first, a service that collects a lot of data, not just on the employees of the companies, but also on their customers.  I am just curious…can we see the companies that are using this service?  This could get interesting!


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