XFCE is one of the oldest desktops for Linux created as a FOSS version of another popular desktop.

This desktop is widely available with many Linux builds and features a simple, familiar feel. The settings panel contains all the settings you may want to find covering the wallpapers, general covering, and the position of the panel. The desktop has a few different options for the menu including one that is a full sized, searchable and modern menu and another is compact and streamlined. You also have the option to include the menu in the context (right click) menu on the desktop.

The biggest downside of this desktop environment is that it lacks modern account support. While there are applications that can tie into your online accounts from various services, there is not unifying way to integrate emails, contacts, and files like you will find in Cinnamon or Gnome.


  • Super Lightweight
  • Widely Available

Desktop Website:



  • Lacks Modern Features
  • Often Looks Dated