Plasma (KDE)

Plasma is among the first FOSS DEs, featuring a familiar layout and many options.

This means you can turn it into any layout and desktop setup you want.

The current video highlighting plasma is Calculate Linux, simply because I already had that fresh build at the time of the filming. The distro that gives the most pure version of plasma is Neon. But their own admission, it is not exactly a distro, but more of a testing and staging ground for plasma, but it functions perfectly well as a daily driver. It is based on Ubuntu with all KDE components being delivered from their rolling production (instead of Ubuntu's version).

KDE Plasma is a good starting desktop, and is the perfect desktop for the user who wants to highly customize the desktop experience.


  • Highly Customizable
  • Long History
  • Widely Available

Desktop Website:


  • Too Many Settings
  • Not Particularly Intuative
  • Lots of Dependancies


Calculate Linux