LBRY: I jumped from the Dumpster Fire

The Article

I gave LBRY, a new video platform a try, but I decided it was not a good platform for a variety of users. This is the correspondence I wrote to them when I left the platform:

My Letter

Dear Lbry,

I wish to close my account and have nothing to do with your service. While I do think alternatives to YouTube would be beneficial and many followers in my community are advocates of going in different directions from YouTube, I do use a hint of my own morality in making my business decisions. I am willing to leave money on the table if it means a better society, and from what I have seen from Lbry so far, I do not see it adding anything to our world, but rather, I see a company that has no morality or scruples. Let me explain.

I was first excited with the ability to sync my rather large library of videos from YouTube to Lbry, but the issue came only a few days later when I received an email from Lbry about a channel, event, or something. I just know it was from your company. Here was the headline:

[LBRYCast] Open this f***ing message about C*** on Redacted Tonight

A little out there. Frankly, I am not a prude, but I do not want to see things MORE EXPLICIT than spammers send me. And I never signed up for this mailing list anyway.

I wanted to give Lbry a chance to respond, so I reached out to Tom Zarebczan to address my concerns…he is the Community Leader, right? I never heard anything from Tom one way or the other.

I got another unsolicited email:

[LBRYCast] Sexy Genius Killer Robots (in Space with Lasers?)

A little less crude, but never-the-less….

A few more innocuous headlines hit my in box, then I get this one:

[LBRY] Down to F*&%@# February

During the meantime, I have been watching the top channels on Lbry and finding that many of them are just down right pornography, AND going to the home page of your service, even with NSFW disabled, I am still seeing more things there that I do not want to see. Because of these things, I will not be telling my viewers, many of which are still teenagers, to be going to your service. Of course, just before I requested the account closure, I received this one:

[LBRYcast] A V-Day Special: Sex Advice and ( . )( . )

I have never signed up for this email list, and while I could have requested to be removed, I was still holding out hope to hear something back from your community leader…but maybe he is just too busy to address community issues.

Why do I take this stance? Well, I am not bothered if such content exists, I do not look at it. And I even considered leaving my channel on the service because I could provide more pleasant content in a sea of NSFW, but it has become clear to me that I will have no option but to have my videos listed next to content that has indeed destroyed so many lives.

Because of what I see your brand new service devolving into, I really want nothing to do with it.

I would be happy to answer any other questions you have.

Their Response

Really sorry to hear about the experience and we understand the concerns. LBRY being such a small company in a huge market, we’re willing to take some risks with some provocative emails and stances, but we can see how it can be off-putting to some.

If you go to your email preferences at the bottom of any of our emails, there’s a break down of categories which you can unsubscribe from. We’ll do better creating a new welcome email that explains how to manage email preferences up front.

As far as the NSFW content, it’s disabled by default in the application. But since creators self tag content, sometimes they may miss the mature tag and we rely on community members to help us report it. I’m sorry you had this experience.

Please let me know if you’d still like to reconsider or want it removed.

If you’d like us to remove everything, we’ll need your default_wallet file since the content is in your control. You can find this in the desktop app under the Help section.


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