Jeff Bezos’s Leaky Phone

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This week in Privacy News, Apply gives us an update on the ‘you turned off data location wrong’ case, EU looks to temp ban facial ID, Google makes it easier to click on search ads, and Tinder wants to give us blue checkmarks for pictures of ourselves…But our feature story is a reminder from Jeff Bezos to not store a lot of things on your phone!
#JeffBezos #Apple #Google

Microsoft Changes Chrome Search Engine to Bing
In businss news, Joe Biden wants to retract section 230, Tesla cars may get a recall, and Opera browser gets into the predatory loan scene! Also, Microsoft has an update to change Chrome’s default search engine to Bing! Join us for the weekly business exploits.
#Microsoft #Chrome #Bing

San Diego’s Mass Surveillance
This week in Dumb Tech News, three small IoT companies ask congress for help against BigData, a new ultrathink biometric data grid can read fingerprints and vein prints all in one! Also, Sonos kills more early devices, and a smart scale goes dumb..but all this nothing compared to San Diego’s new Mass Surveillance contracts!
#MassSurveillance #Biometrics #Sonos

Windows 7 Goes Out with a Bang!
This week in silly tech news, a new text-based AI game is just ridiculous, a man connects his PS4 to an airport display monitor to play ApexLegends, a translation error insults a foreign leader, and Windows 7 final update breaks screensavers!
#Windows #ApexLegends #Facebook


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