Is Apple as Privacy Conscious as They Say?

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Apple makes most of their income on selling hardware, but some interesting changes were reported in the last few weeks.  One is they will stop sharing numbers of units sold.  But they also recently reported a focus on services with that being a push toward more recurring revenue.  As with any service-based model, there is always an uptick of data, and we find a few articles here about Apple that question if they are really as privacy-focused as they claim.  Of course I have talked in the past about apple doubling down on anti-consumer trends, and how much they control their users.  Today we will look at how Apple accepts a lot of money from competitor Google to make their search engine the default choice in apple products, but also how they are now looking at feeding health data collected by our devices into health some medical record databases.  Interesting…  this and more on todays Weekly News Roundup.

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