Grub2 BootHole Security Bug

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Grub2 BootHole Security Bug
This week in Privacy News, #Twitter releases more details on the hack attack, Netflix experience a cred-phish attack, and Couchsurfing experiences a breech. Also #RiteAid pushes facial ID software and #Grub2 has a big security vulnerability.

Microsoft Finds We Work Longer at Home
This week in Business News, Charter buys off people to tell the FCC to let them out of merger requirements. Also, #Telegram joins Apple EU Antitrust case, Amazon wants to make a satellite Internet service, and #Apple pushes accessories for your devices. Finally, a #Microsoft study shows that people work longer hours when working from home.

Creepy Fake Sports Fans Flop
This week in Smart Tech news, #Nest thermostats lose remote control abilities, Boston Dynamics dogs map out Ford plant floor plan, and another smart device requires a #subscription to keep using it. Finally, the virtual fans in #Fox baseball telecasts are not well received.

Facebook Sues EU Over Privacy?
This week in SillyVille News, an AI company that tried to ID gender goes belly up, Bill Gates tells Elon Musk to go back to making cars, and Dominos wants to give free pizza to “Karen”. Finally, Facebook sues the EU over alleged privacy violations. Yep, welcome to 2020.
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