Google Wants to Know It All, and Facebook Targets Your Family

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Today we will look at a few news articles about Google collecting more data via a VPN, also their acquisition of a medical company.  Of course, VPNs are a good thing, and I recommend both Private Internet Access and Nord VPN.  These do not collect data and are not owned by data collection companies, but when Google wants to give everyone an always on, free VPN, that is a scary thing because Google IS a data analytics company.  Not to mention they have also started working with DeepMind which is a health AI company.

If that were not bad enough, Facebook released some updates to their advertising network allowing companies to target Facebook users AND their families.  Facebook came out saying they work hard to know not only the user, but their family members (even the ones without Facebook accounts), and they also promise to be able to target and find other people who live in the houses whom have Facebook accounts.  The only thing to do is block Facebook javascript on your hosts file.  Have a look at this video and use these to block Facebook in your hosts file:

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