Give Your Data for Cheap Wireless?

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Give Your Data for Cheap Wireless?
This week in Privacy News, Razer leaks a lot of customer data, Facebook ignored meddling data, and Apple watch tracks oxygen data…but only for “wellness”, not for “Medicine.” Also, ATT is looking to subsidize cell phone plans by selling user data.

First Reported Death From Ransomware
This week in Business News, we have a few updates to old stories: MS data centers, Uber self-driving death, and Apple Power adapters. Also, Apple iOS will allow streaming game platforms, Verizon looks to buy Tracfone, and a hospital hit with ransomware results in a patient dying.

Prisoner Escape by Drone
This week in Smart Tech News, Google Nest has a new gesture control, Apple watch can setup allowances for your kids, and prisons are concerned that drones could be used to break prisoners out of jail.

Mozilla Forgets Its Mission Again
This week in Sillyville, iOS allows you to set new app defaults…but they reset on reboot! Also, Customs seizes Airpods that are really OnePlus buds, snakes are not masks, and Mozilla still tries to get in on woke politics, forgetting once again that it should be making a web browser.

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